What Are They Hiding? Authorities Avoiding the Release of Pelosi Mugshot After DUI Arrest


It has been almost two weeks since Paul Pelosi, the husband of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence, but the public has yet to see his mugshot.

This is yet another glaring example of toxic “liberal privilege,” which involves authorities and the corporate media working together to downplay or bury the wrongdoings of anyone connected to the Democratic Party.

Another example is the aggressive efforts of the establishment media and Big Tech to try to hide the damaging information on the abandoned laptop of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, before the November 2020 election.

Fox News host Jesse Watters summed up the sentiments of countless Americans when he slammed the coverup of Paul Pelosi’s May 28 DUI arrest.

“Whenever a person gets arrested, the police take a mugshot,” Watters said on his Fox News show on May 31. “These mugshots get entered into the public record.”

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“We should have a right to see them unless, of course, you’re married to Nancy Pelosi and you get drunk, you blow a stop sign and smash your brand-new Porsche into another guy’s car in the middle of the night,” he added.

Watters said he was “given the runaround” when he tried to obtain a copy of Pelosi’s mugshot through an official records request.

He also noted that authorities in Democrat-controlled California still have not released the bodycam footage or dashcam video of the police officers who arrested Pelosi. Why?

Is Nancy Pelosi pressuring authorities to withhold her husband's mugshot?

“Don’t tell me those cops weren’t wearing cameras,” Watters said. “So we’re filing a Freedom of Information request for that footage as well because we have a right to know if Nancy Pelosi’s husband said, ‘Don’t you know who I am?'”

Watters followed up this week by noting that California authorities still have not released Pelosi’s mugshot.

“It’s been more than a week and the California Highway Patrol still won’t give us his mugshot,” he said. “Why is this mugshot different than any other American’s mugshot?

“And while we’re at it, where’s the footage from the cops’ bodycams? The dash cams? The surveillance cameras in the drunk tank? It’s all mysteriously ‘missing.'”

Watters noted that the head of the California Highway Patrol is Democrat Amanda Ray, who was appointed by Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew by marriage.

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“A member of the ‘California royal family’ gets arrested by Highway Patrol, and then the next day all the evidence vanishes,” Watters said. “Nobody can find it.”

He continued: “Amanda Ray’s job is to protect and serve the people of California, not just the Pelosis. Right now, it looks like she’s involved in a massive coverup to protect the most powerful woman in the country.”

Watters said, “We’ve called Ray’s office dozens of times. She won’t take our calls.”

The Fox News host then wondered, “What was Nancy Pelosi’s involvement in all this? Did she call Newsom to make it all go away? We don’t know, but we have every right to know.”

The apparent coverup surrounding Paul Pelosi’s latest car crash is emblematic of how Democrats weaponize the political system and their establishment media lapdogs to conceal their wrongdoings.

Imagine if former President Donald Trump or any of his family members were arrested on a DUI charge after being involved in a car accident. You can be sure their mugshot would be plastered all over the news and broadcast on TV around the clock.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting to see Pelosi’s mugshot as we enter the second week since his DUI arrest. Tick tock.

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