Hispanic Trump Supporter Gives Dems a Wake-Up Call: 'Cesar Chavez Would Support' Trump's Immigration Stance


Latino American labor leader Cesar Chavez has long been heralded as a hero by members of the progressive left.

But as a Hispanic supporter of President Donald Trump pointed out this week, Chavez would likely agree with one of Trump’s policy positions that the left hates the most.

Chavez’s stance on illegal immigration has more in common with Trump’s views on the issue than it does with the positions held by liberals today, he said.

During a protest Tuesday outside of a Students for Trump event in Phoenix that the president spoke at, the Hispanic Trump supporter was quick to point this out to the anti-Trump demonstrators present.

The Western Journal was on the scene when the counter protester dropped some knowledge about the Democratic Party, Chavez and illegal immigration.

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“The Democratic Party has let us down for years. My grandfather was a Democrat. He marched with Cesar Chavez,” the counter protester said.

“He was one of the people that fought for the rights of his people. But you know what? Cesar Chavez did not like illegal immigration because that destroyed the wages of actual Mexican-Americans that were born in this country. A lot of people don’t know that.”

“A lot of people don’t know that Cesar Chavez would support Trump’s anti-illegal immigration stance and that’s a fact. Look it up.”

One anti-Trump protester argued that some illegal immigrants are refugees who need help from America, but the passionate Trump supporter had a cutting response to this line of reasoning.

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“I do believe that the United States stands for freedom throughout the world, but we cannot solve everybody’s problems. We’ve got to make sure we solve America’s problems!” the Trump supporter exclaimed.

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Then, an anti-Trump protester made an assertion of his own.

“Cesar Chavez would not send people to their deaths and neither should we,” the protester said.

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In reality, Chavez was much more rabidly anti-illegal immigration than Trump. In fact, Chavez would allegedly resort to unnecessary violence in his campaign to fight illegal immigration.

Should the government do more to prevent illegal immigration?

A 2017 National Review article described in detail the tactics that Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union, which he founded, would allegedly use to combat illegal immigration.

“The Illegals Campaign didn’t just report illegals to the (unresponsive) federal authorities. Cesar sent his cousin, ex-con Manuel Chavez, down to the border to set up a ‘wet line’ (as in ‘wetbacks’) to do the job the Border Patrol wasn’t being allowed to do,” National Review reported.

“Unlike the Minutemen of a few years ago, who arrived at the border with no more than lawn chairs and binoculars, the United Farm Workers patrols were willing to use direct methods when persuasion failed. Housed in a series of tents along the Arizona border, the crews in the wet line sometimes beat up illegals, the ‘cesarchavistas’ employing violence even more widely on the Mexican side of the border to prevent crossings.”

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