Homeowner Gets Last Laugh after Package Thief Takes Tumble, All Caught on Camera


Lately, package thieves have become some of the worst kind of people. For starters, they’re trespassers and shouldn’t be encroaching on anyone else’s property.

Secondly, they’re cold-hearted individuals who feel no sense of guilt for their actions.

Stealing deliveries off another person’s porch is one of the most inconsiderate things you could do to someone.

Not every package is made up of trendy merchandise. Sometimes, these parcels contain items that are vital to a person’s life.

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So, when providence strikes down on one of these porch pirates, they don’t deserve anyone’s sympathy.

That’s how one homeowner felt after watching footage captured by his outside surveillance camera.

The man, living in Bothell, Washington, has filed a police report ever since he and his family became the victim of a package theft.

He said one of those stolen parcels contained medication worth more than $5,000.

Since this wasn’t the first time they had packages stolen, UPS alerts were set in place. But, they weren’t enough to protect their latest deliveries.

In the video, a woman was shown exiting a car that had pulled in front of the house. In a hurry, she ran over to the porch and grabbed all three boxes.

As she made her way back to the car, fate suddenly stepped in. A “muddy spot on the grass” caused the woman to slip and fall, injuring one of her legs.

Clearly unable to get back up, she was soon helped by a male accomplice wearing a Seahawks jersey. He actually had to carry her to the car.

They both eventually made their getaway with the packages and all.

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The homeowner certainly got the last laugh after watching the package thief take a tumble. Losing his package was frustrating, but fortunately, his insurance will be able to cover some of the cost.

In the meantime, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating the incident and is working on tracking down the male suspect.

With the release of the footage, hopefully, someone would be able to identify these perps before they decide to strike again.

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