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'We Hope This Is a New Start,' Sheriff's Office Says After 17 Inmates Baptized

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It’s always cause for celebration when someone makes a break with their former corrupt life and dedicates themselves to pursuing goodness, truth and beauty.

On Oct. 20, 17 more souls — 13 men and four women — committed to following Christ in the waters of baptism, thanks to a Christian ministry available through the Covington County Correctional Facility in Collins, Mississippi.

The Covington County Sheriff’s Office shared the wonderful news along with photos of the recently baptized inmates.

“The Covington County Sheriff’s Department is proud to report that 17 inmates were baptized today,” the agency wrote.

“The ministry that has been provided at the Covington County Correctional Facility has been a blessing in many ways. We hope this is a new start and will change the lives of these and many more.”

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Many commented on the post, heartened by the inmates’ professions of faith.

“Look at all of the people God used that had been in prison including the Apostles!!!!!” one person said. “Good job everyone… God has a big plan for y’all!!!! Praise God!!!!!”

“Praying this is the start of new beginnings!!” another wrote.

“Coming from a Corrections Officer, this is truly awesome,” one person commented on the KSAZ share of the story. “The prison where I work takes this seriously, a lot of inmates/detainees turn their lives around and even continue it on the outside.”

Many commented, warning that the journey as a Christian would not be easy and the temptation to fall back into old patterns would be difficult to resist.

But one woman jumped into action to do what she could to help them on their way instead of just lob warning or doubt on the men and women in those photos.

“I just got off the phone with Covington County these inmates do need Bibles,” Lisa Thrasher wrote on Facebook the day after the sheriff’s office shared its post.

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“Please if you have any soft back Bibles or know anyone that would donate one so we can make sure each inmate can receive one please let me know and I would be glad to take them down there.”

People responded with personal offers or suggestions on organizations that would help donate, and Thrasher reported in the comments that they’d managed to get 17 Bibles to the corrections facility.

Hopefully Christians will continue to bless these new converts and come alongside them to disciple them, praying for them, ministering to them and encouraging them to keep on the straight and narrow.

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