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House Passes Tyrannical Gun Bill: Includes Magazine Capacity Bans, Other Abuses of Power

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The rash of recent gun violence has sent Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives into a totalitarian feeding frenzy.  The irony lies in the fact that few of these leftist politicians know squat about guns.

On Wednesday, H.R.7910 passed the House and is headed to the Senate. The legislation would, among other things, raise the age of gun ownership of semiautomatic rifles to 21, make high-capacity magazines illegal and require gun owners to store their guns in a location that “a reasonable person would believe to be secure.”

Keith Boykin, author of “Race Against Time: The Politics of a Darkening America,” tweeted that the vote was 223-204 and now goes to the “dysfunctional Senate” where, hopefully, the Republicans will kill it.

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I’m not sure how irrational politicians would determine where a reasonable person should store their guns. I’m also not sure how Democrats could reasonably conclude that the federal government has any business dictating to states what law-abiding citizens can and can’t do with their guns.

I grew up in rural Wyoming, not a big city like Chicago. There were guns all over our house and not one of them had a lock.  I received my first 12-gauge shotgun as a Christmas gift from my father when I was 12. We hunted, killed and consumed deer, antelope, rabbits and ducks to supplement the beef and chickens we raised. I milked goats and helped tend the garden. It was a good way to grow up.

Rural Wyoming is a far cry from cities like Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.  Just last weekend, for example, six people were killed in Chicago with guns, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Twenty-seven others were wounded, including two young girls, ages 3 and 6.

By November 2021, there were more than 1,000 homicides recorded in Cook County, home to Chicago, with still a month to go, according to Axios Chicago.  In an average year, 109 people are killed by guns in Wyoming. Here’s the kicker: Of those killed, 86 percent are from suicide, not homicide, according to Every Town.

Will more federal gun laws decrease violence?

Granted, the population of Chicago dwarfs that of Wyoming. The point is that 66.2 percent of people in Wyoming live in houses where there are guns, according to CBS News. In the entire state of Illinois, about 27.8 percent of people live in homes with guns. That’s a big difference.

Besides, Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, according to the NRA-ILA. Anyone bent on destruction and mayhem will simply ignore laws. It doesn’t matter if they are 15 or 42. It doesn’t matter what color of skin they have. It doesn’t matter whether they have a six-shooter or a semi-automatic pistol.

Should  Illinois and Wyoming have the same federally imposed gun laws? How about Butte, Montana, and New York City? Reasonable people would say no. Irrational leftists who see citizens not as living, breathing human beings but as statistics to be managed would say yes.

Instead of having law enforcement go into the houses of law-abiding citizens to see how they are storing their firearms, maybe the population, in general, should be educated about firearms.

Why? In this country, we have a right to carry weapons. It’s guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Here, citizens can and must protect themselves from a tyrannical government.

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Progressives, who are American Marxists, don’t like that. They despise it. Before taking away your God-given freedom, they have to take away your guns.

Growing up, I was fully aware of the awesome and dangerous power of guns. I witnessed it. Guns kill living things and it isn’t pretty. I never once considered killing a living person because I knew, even as a child, that death is forever.

More laws, though they might make it tougher for the deranged to get a gun in some instances, won’t stop the violence. It won’t stop mass killing and it won’t stop the epidemic of suicides.

Something is rotten in the American mind.  Instead of more laws that will have little if any impact, maybe we should go back to teaching our children about the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God found in the Declaration of Independence.

Allowing prayer in public schools would be a step in the right direction.

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Jack Gist is an award-winning writer who has published essays, poetry and fiction in Catholic World Report, First Things, The Imaginative Conservative, New Oxford Review and others.
Jack Gist is an award-winning writer who has published essays, poetry and fiction in Catholic World Report, First Things, The Imaginative Conservative, New Oxford Review and others.