CNN Reporter Throws Cold Water on Dems' Hope for Midterm Victory, 'A Huge Gap' on 1 Important Issue


CNN data reporter Harry Enten said Tuesday Democrats face a huge gap when it came to being trusted to handle crime as the midterms drew closer.

“Crime is basically the economy for Republicans,” Enten told “New Day” co-host John Berman.

“They love to talk about the economy, they love to talk about high inflation. They also love to be talking about crime. Democrats do not want to be in this ballpark. They want to talk about abortion which is the main focus of most of their ads. The more voters care about crime the worse it is for Democrats.”

A number of crimes became national headlines, including the stabbing of a veteran paramedic in New York City, the ransacking of a Wawa store in Philadelphia and the kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher in Memphis. Enten also noted that search results on Google were a bad sign for Democrats.

“Around the time Roe v. Wade was overturned in June, crime just at 30 percent of all searches people searched between crime and abortion. Abortion 70 percent. May, again, abortion higher than crime. July basically tied, abortion slightly higher than crime,” Enten said.

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“Look now, in September. Crime, 71 percent to just 29 percent for abortion. That is basically back to the pre-Roe v. Wade overturning baseline, where we were back in April, where crime made up 74 percent of searches versus abortion at just 26 percent.”

Berman asked Enten about a question Gallup posed to respondents in a recent poll regarding which was more trusted to handle what people considered the most important issue in an election.

“Say anything you want to, if you’re scared of clowns say that’s the most important issue, and on the issue that Americans say is most important to them who do they trust more? They trust the Republican Party more by 48 percent to 37 percent margin. This is a huge gap,” Enten said.

“This 11-point edge is near the top, near the top. Look at all of these years in which Republicans held this margin, this lead, on the issue that’s most important, and the GOP house seats won. Obviously not sure what’s going to happen this year,” Enten said.

Are you more concerned about crime that abortion rights?

“But in all other years or anywhere close to this, 246 Republican house seats won. 247. 230. 242. And of course, you just need 218 for a majority.

“If this election looks anything like this and voters react as they normally do, then Republicans are gonna have a very good night come election night.”

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