Hunter Patiently Stalks Deer All Day, Shatters World Record with Single Arrow


There’s a new world record in bowhunting, and our friends in the north have some very impressive bragging rights.

This week, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation confirmed that a Canadian deer hunter has raised the bar by taking a mule deer which broke not only the provincial record, but a world record as well.

“On October 1, 2018, Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation member, Dennis Bennett, arrowed the deer of a lifetime in the Arm River area of Saskatchewan. This Non-Typical Mule Deer was panel measured by official Henry Kelsey measurers on October 7/18 and scored 293 6/8,” the federation explained.

Although the record-breaking arrow shot was made in October, officials were carefully confirming the measurements of the animal before making the announcement.

“The deer also broke the world record as classified by the Pope and Young Club, which records animals taken by archery only. The previous record was set by Kennet Plank in 1987. Pope and Young scored Bennett’s deer a 291-1/8,” confirmed the Saskatoon Star Phoenix newspaper.

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“Bennett’s Non-Typical Mule Deer entry now joins Milo Hanson’s Buck (White-tailed Deer) as another recognized world record harvested from Saskatchewan,” said Warren Howse from the SWF.

“It is indicative of the quality of wildlife resources we cherish here in our province,” he continued.

The deer was harvested near Arm River, which is about 80 miles south of Saskatoon. As you might have guessed, the area is very rural with vast areas of wilderness.

It was no easy shot. Dennis spent all day stalking the deer before he was in a position to finally take a shot.

Do you think this is impressive?

“Dennis started early on the morning of October 1st in search of the big non-typical. Dennis got to within 44 yards when the big non-typical was startled by another smaller buck bedded close by. Dennis was not ready for a shot and watched as the bucks bounded away up the hill into some trees,” explained Bucks Bull Bears, a hunting blog.

That afternoon, the hunter spotted the animal again and patiently moved closer.

“The stalk was close to 300 yards, and the wind had changed which allowed Dennis to follow the fence line along the top of the hill and get within 37 yards,” the blog stated.

“The buck was now standing broadside, Dennis ranged as the deer browsed with his head down. The shot was on a steep angle, and the arrow hit a bit high. The deer dropped in its tracks and rolled down the hill about 50 yards,” wrote Bucks Bull Bears.

Sportsmen in Saskatchewan noted how proud they were that the record belongs to their region, and suggested that it should help more hunters recognize the opportunities for archery in that part of Canada.

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“It was a pleasure to be part of the panel recognizing this beautiful non-typical mule deer from Saskatchewan as a New World Record,” said Eli Randall, Records Director for the Pope and Young Club which helped certify the animal.

Randall added that photos of the deer “do not do it justice.” The record-setting mule deer will be on display at the Pope and Young Club’s convention being held in Nebraska this April.

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