Husband Turns to See Wife's New Look After Cutting Off Dreads She Grew for 20 Years


Chopping off all of your hair is a terrifying concept, especially if you’ve been growing that hair over the course of 20 years.

It’s hard to tell how people will react, especially those closest to you.

Well, the internet was treated to a viral video that showed one man’s reaction when his wife shaved her head.

She had been growing dreadlocks for two decades before deciding to change her look.

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The daughter of the couple, Praize Kirkwood, filmed her dad’s reaction and shared it on Twitter. As of this writing, the video has been viewed almost 6 million times.

It begins with Kirkwood’s father telling her mother that his back was turned.

She laughed off-camera, clearly nervous and excited to share her new look.

“So after 20 years of growing her dreads my mom wanted to cut off her hair,” Twitter user Praize Kirkwood wrote when she posted the video.

“She wasn’t sure how my dad would react tho….but this is how he did.”

His reaction had many of those who saw it in tears. He was floored by his wife’s new bald look.

“Oh wow,” he said when he turned around. “You are so hot! God, you look like a Hollywood star!”

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Those who replied were buzzing about how beautiful their love was. Some even took notice of how the husband pulled-off the double denim look.

“You don’t even know how many nights I prayed to God… asking him to give me the ability to rock Double denim…” Twitter user @theori wrote.

Emojis and crying gifs were flowing in Kirkwood’s mentions. There wasn’t a dry eye in the internet house.

The reaction put smiles on the faces of everyone who saw it.

This type of long-term attraction is something that we all hope for in life.

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