Illegal Immigrant Previously Deported 5 Times Charged in Brutal Murder of 4-Month-Old Boy


President Donald Trump has been repeatedly hounded by the left for saying — perhaps a bit bluntly — that many of the immigrants who enter the country illegally are not the best and brightest just looking for a better life. But over and over, he has been proved to be correct.

That was once again shown to be the case in Tennessee this month. A child is now dead after police say an illegal alien murdered him with his bare hands in a fit of rage.

“Memphis police arrested a man after they said he punched a baby so hard it stopped breathing,” WHBQ-TV in Memphis reported. “According to police, the victim’s mother called 911 on April 12 when her four-month-old child was found unresponsive.”

Although the infant was rushed to a hospital, he was dead by the time he arrived. The child’s mother and her boyfriend, identified as Jose Avila-Agurcia, at first insisted that they had no idea why the boy had stopped breathing. But after suspicion fell on Avila-Agurcia, officers learned the disturbing details.

“Police said investigators met with the mother who said her boyfriend confessed he punched the child in the head multiple times when he learned the child was not his,” WHBQ reported.

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That situation is shocking and tragic, but it might have been avoided if the nation’s immigration laws were better enforced. It turns out that the boyfriend, who has been charged with first-degree murder, had been deported from the United States not just once but five times.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Bryan D. Cox said Avila-Agurcia is an alias for Carlos Zuniga-Aviles, a Honduran national who has been deported five times. The agency has filed an immigration detainer pending resolution of the charge,” The Associated Press reported.

How well that detainer will work is a very open question, considering he already has been kicked out of the country nearly half a dozen times. At a time when liberals and even some on the right seem to shrug off the border problem, it seems almost anyone can waltz into the country no matter his background.

While much of the focus on the porous border has centered on Mexico, the countries in Central America — including the accused murderer’s nation of Honduras — are increasingly in the spotlight.

Honduras has been the source of thousands of migrants who banded together to form caravans, which then pushed through Guatemala and into Mexico, sometimes clashing with border police and other times being essentially waved through.

Attempts by Mexican officials to identify and track who is in the groups have largely failed, and residents of border states in northern Mexico have begun pushing back against the waves of migrants pouring into their country.

Meanwhile, Democrats have flatly refused to call the situation a “crisis,” and have opposed Trump’s efforts to increase the barriers and security measures in the area.

This latest case is hardly an isolated incident. We have covered numerous instances of illegal aliens coming to the United States not to live peacefully but to commit crimes that often include rape and murder.

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To be sure, coming across the border does not make somebody a violent criminal, but there is no denying that violent people are using the porous border to their advantage. If even a small percentage of unvetted illegal immigrants are dangerous, there’s a problem.

It’s akin to leaving your front door unlocked in a bad neighborhood. The number of good people does not magically offset the risk of an offender walking in and helping himself to your stuff, or doing far worse to your family.

That is the point that the left ignores: An unsecured frontier has consequences, and in far too many cases, it is American citizens who are impacted by the bad apples.

“Americans are dreamers too,” the president pointed out during a recent statement on border security.

Sadly, a young boy in Tennessee will never have a chance to grow up, dream or achieve — and opponents of immigration enforcement should think long and hard about that sobering fact.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.