Immigration Expert Spells Trouble for Dems, Admits Border Wall Is Perfect Solution for Caravan


She’s spoken on the topic of immigration for years, even testifying before Congress on the subject.

Jessica Vaughan, from The Center for Immigration Studies,  recently spoke with Fox New’s Heather Childers about a solution to the caravan that is headed for the United States. CNS has published a transcript of the interview.

According to the transcript, Childers asked if President Donald Trump’s odds of getting funding for the border wall were increased given the approach of yet another migrant caravan. Vaughan responded, “Well, it should.”

She explained that, “It definitely should because it’s pretty obvious to most people that a wall would stop this kind of thing from happening, or at least people getting through. That’s what used to be the case in California, across the border from San Diego in the nearby places there.”

“People used to gather en masse and just run across when the sun went down, and when they put in the triple fencing people couldn’t do that anymore. It’s one of the most controlled parts of the border that we have. So we need more barriers like that to prevent these kinds of things from happening.”

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Back in September, Vaughan also spoke with Childers on the need for funding for the border wall, noting that Republicans were ‘squander(ing) this opportunity to deliver exactly what voters wanted and voted for two years ago.”

She pointed out that there was a political advantage to funding the wall before the midterm elections. She also raised concerns over why some Republicans in Congress had been fighting against that.

“The only reason I can think of is that some Republicans in House leadership, like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, want to wait until after the election so that they can tack onto this critical homeland security spending bill things that are not so popular. That’s the only reason they would wait.”

Do you agree the border wall needs to be funded?

Her concern is one shared by many Americans, that members of Congress play politics rather than actually act as representatives of the people. In this case, it would mean sacrificing national security in order to push personal agendas for unpopular spending.

It is little wonder they’d want such a thing to not be made public until after the midterm elections. Which is why more attention brought to the issue, with the caravan serving as a catalyst, could end up biting them in the backside.

Part of their oath of office includes upholding the Constitution, which spells out that one of their duties is in regards to national security. Failing to take necessary steps, such as funding the border wall, is a direct failure of the duty they swore to uphold.

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But even worse, are the Democrats who not only don’t want to fund the wall, but push for open border. That policy would give criminals of all sorts free reign to enter the United States en masse, including human traffickers, drug and gun runners, gang members and terrorists.

As Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi and others have made clear, if they take control of Congress, one of the many things they will do is not fund the wall. The wall that is part and parcel of border security and the will of the American people.

As the caravan closes in on the border and Trump continues to take a strong stance against them gaining entry, he may gain even more support for border wall funding. And all of that would be one more nail in the coffin of Democrats gaining any kind of significant power in Congress, at least during this election cycle.

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