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Infamous 'CHAZ' Leader, Celebrated by MSM, Now Accused of Sick Sex Crimes

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Social justice. What does it mean? It depends on whom you ask.

If you ask Solomon “Raz” Simone, the media proclaimed “warlord” of the 2020 Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone — the shortlived CHAZ of Seattle, Washington — “social justice” would include a “repurposing” of police, according to an interview Simone gave to Forbes in June.

Simone said he sees community-based self-policing as a viable alternative to traditional law enforcement. This might work out well for Simone. One major responsibility of a warlord is self-policing. In CHAZ, Simone played the part of top cop (even if he demurred at being called a “warlord.”)

But who watches the watchmen? Five women have now filed suit against Simone, a Seattle rapper of some acclaim, and four of them are accusing him of sex-trafficking, according to KUOW-FM in Seattle. Each of the women is seeking $1 million in damages. Simone denies the allegations and, like everybody else in America, is innocent until proven guilty.

But Simone is no stranger to sex and violence. He was there at the beginning of the CHAZ  movement when six blocks of Seattle were occupied after Seattle police were ordered to abandon the East Precinct due to riots sparked by the death of George Floyd, as reported in  The Post Millennial.

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During the occupation, Simone acted as a spokesman by talking to media. He was also recorded assaulting people in the autonomous zone and distributing AR-15s from the trunk of a Tesla to volunteers who would the post guard.

According to the KUOW’s report, the lawsuit claims Simone targeted vulnerable young women. The accusers claim Simone coaxed them into his “family” where he then imposed strict rules and pressured them into earning a monetary quota by performing at strip clubs or participating in sex acts. The women say Simone then took the money. The women also allege that Simone was violent and forced them to comply to his will, KUOW reported.

One of the women profiled by KUOW, identified by her stage name “Pearl,” claimed Simone trafficked her in Las Vegas for more than a year. She worked as a stripper and performed sex acts. In 2016, Pearl was admitted to a hospital suffering from kidney damage caused by dehydration caused by being forced to work long shifts, either stripping or trading sex for money.

Pearl told KUOW that she was also held captive in Seattle and Simone forcibly had sex with her multiple times and that he assaulted and strangled her. In July 2017, Pearl received a protection order against Simone from an Eighth Judicial District Court hearing master in Clark County, Nevada, KUOW reported.

Another woman, identified as “Nabila,” alleges in the lawsuit that she was forced to strip and give Simone a cut of her earnings in Seattle. She also alleges claims that Simone knocked her unconscious by slamming her against a wall. When she woke up, he purportedly forced her to have sex, KUOW reported.

Just another he said/she said? I doubt it. Simone even admits he has been a pimp, according to a KUOW report from January 2021, though he denied any coercion or violence was involved. Add to that the fact that Simone apparently wasn’t above assaulting citizen journalists when he was at CHAZ.

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Leftists, however, cast both CHAZ and Simone in a different light at the time. Mayor Jenny Durkan encouraged protesters. She even told CNN it could be a “summer of love” and compared CHAZ to a block party. City Council members tried to push a hollow narrative of the “peaceful protest“.

In the meantime, mainstream media like CNN tried to paint Simone as a social justice warrior. Forbes portrayed him as a man who wants “to stand up for what’s right. He’s appalled by the brutal and militaristic tactics used by the police, as they abuse tear gas, flash bombs, gestapo tactics, rubber bullets and other measures with such impunity.”

As with so many other issues leftists try to push, something just doesn’t add up. Stand up for what’s right? Appalled by brutality? Give me a break.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Humans cannot create reality by spinning yarns to suit their whims. Phrases like “social justice” sound good.  Who wouldn’t want social justice? The problem is that leftists don’t like to define their terms.

What does racial justice, mean? For leftists, it can mean anything they want it to. Does it mean teaching children how to hate one another through critical race theory? Does it mean voting needs to be taken over by the feds?

It means these things and anything else the left wants it to. It is about power, not truth. It is about controlling the narrative, not reality. The left that protects men like Simone one day may turn on him or forget him in the next, all in the name of justice.

If you are useful to the progressive’s narrative, you are a social justice warrior. If you’re not, you’re a villain. It’s either/or.  There is no in-between.

Simone and his accusers, hopefully, will meet with true justice in the court system. He’ll have his day in a court, not the court of public opinion. Lefties don’t like that. They’re not in control.

Let’s all pray we can keep it that way.

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Jack Gist is an award-winning writer who has published essays, poetry and fiction in Catholic World Report, First Things, The Imaginative Conservative, New Oxford Review and others.
Jack Gist is an award-winning writer who has published essays, poetry and fiction in Catholic World Report, First Things, The Imaginative Conservative, New Oxford Review and others.