'The Intercept' Runs Hit Piece on Conservative Journalists for Daring to Video BLM Riots


There’s something particularly off-putting about a media outlet using its resources to aggressively demonize fellow journalists and defend lethal violence carried out by anarchists and common criminals.

Yet that is exactly what The Intercept did today.

In a 24-minute video entitled “Meet the Riot Squad: Right-Wing Reporters Whose Viral Videos Are Used to Smear BLM,” The Intercept attempted to target and delegitimize eight conservative journalists for their continued documentation of left-wing violence throughout the nation.

In the opening of a preview of the video released on Twitter, the Intercept singled out journalist Julio Rosas, who filmed black-bloc rioters smashing out the windows of the Democratic Party offices in Portland, Oregon, on Inauguration Day.

The Intercept stated that Rosas “specializes in shooting viral video of mayhem at left-wing protests,” and attempted to undermine the credibility of his reporting for no other reason than that his content appeared in conservative news outlets.

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To this, one might reasonably respond: Why is there so much violence at left-wing protests that one can make a literal career out of filming it?

Undeterred, The Intercept moved on and doubled down on its claims that both conservative journalists and police were a threat to America.

Is The Intercept putting out Democratic propaganda?

“It’s important to keep in mind that the conservative media has been working almost nonstop to undercut the movement for black lives by spreading the lie that the nation’s main problem is the protesters, not the police,” senior Intercept writer Robert Mackey narrated.

It’s a shame, really, that a senior reporter did not bother addressing any of the evidence against his own position.

For instance, he might have attempted to deal with the fact that the George Floyd riots resulted in upwards of $2 billion in damage and 25 deaths.

Similarly, he might have contended with the fact that for over 100 days in Portland, violent agitators carried out physical attacks against federal officers on federal property for the sake of stopping federal government activities. The literal definition of an insurrection.

Alas, Mackey’s attempt to compel his viewership into accepting that BLM and antifa violence is somehow justified reveals a stunning inability among the left to adequately integrate reality as it actually exists.

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Indeed, a recent study by the Manhattan Institute addressed this widespread phenomenon.

That study found that, of those people who strongly agreed with the statement “white Republicans are racist,” 95 percent of blacks and 70 percent of whites also believed that black men were more likely to be killed by police than to die in car accidents. This was despite the fact the number of young black men who died in motor vehicle accidents was significantly higher than those who died at the hands of police (among black men aged 25 to 29, 22.8 died per 100,000 due to car accidents, while only 2.8 to 4.1 men out of 100,000 died at the hands of the police).

Indeed, according to The Washington Post’s own database, the number of unarmed black men shot to death by police in 2020 was 17.

You won’t hear any of this from The Intercept, however. Nor will you hear about how attacks on police and the reduction of public safety funding have already led to an additional 710 homicides.

So let us set the record straight.

It is not a “smear” to record criminal violence being carried out in the names of antifa and BLM. It is not a “smear” to document those incidents that outlets such as The Intercept so clearly want to suppress.

To this end, all Americans ought to remember why noted journalist and co-founder of The Intercept, Glen Greenwald, quit the publication last year.

“I could not sleep at night knowing that I allowed any institution to censor what I want to say and believe — least of all a media outlet I co-founded with the explicit goal of ensuring this never happens to other journalists, let alone to me, let alone because I have written an article critical of a powerful Democratic politician vehemently supported by the editors in the imminent national election,” Greenwald said of The Intercept’s attempts to censor viewpoints critical of President Joe Biden.

We already know that CNN employees refer to what they do as Democratic “propaganda,” so why would anyone expect more from The Intercept — a publication known to explicitly censor anti-establishment and against-the-grain voices?

Unfortunately, The Intercept’s own politically driven smear campaign will more than likely encourage more sycophantic attacks by leftists wholly divorced from reality.

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who was hospitalized after being assaulted by antifa in 2019, responded to The Intercept’s attack on conservative journalists by saying as much.

“As someone who nearly died as a result of being beaten on the head for my video coverage of riots, I cannot overstate how much more you’re endangering these reporters in your hit piece,” Ngo tweeted.

Indeed, if the left is so convinced that BLM and antifa are peaceful, justice-seeking enterprises, then why is it so worried about people recording leftist protestors setting fires and assaulting police officers?

Alas, everyone knows why. The left lives and breathes big lies and it cannot survive when the people are equipped with the truth that it seeks to encourage wanton violence and destruction.

The fact is that the American left and its agitprop supporters such as The Intercept need to aggressively enforce ignorance because complete ignorance is the only way that anyone could continue to believe their nauseating nonsense.

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