James Dean 'Rebel Without A Cause' Jacket Up For Auction, Not Even Fans Would Pay The Price


James Dean’s iconic red bomber jacket is looking as cool as ever displayed on a mannequin at Palm Beach Modern Auctions.

Paired with the similarly iconic white t-shirt and jeans that Dean wore in the movie Rebel Without a Cause, the jacket is being prepared to go up for auction this week.

Michael Scott from Hobe Sound has been in possession of the jacket since the 1980s.

An uncle of a friend of Scott had been given the jacket by the movie’s men’s wardrobe supervisor Leon Roberts.

Scott and his friend were huge fans of James Dean and were in high school when the movie came out. Scott’s friend left him the bomber jacket in his will.

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“We were called greasers,” Scott said. “We were going through some of the same kind of torment that he was living in the script.”

Still in “good” condition, the jacket is “has a Bud Berma tag sewn into its lining, a cigarette burn on the left sleeve and stitching to take in its elasticized waist to fit the trim Dean.”

“It just represents a really significant period of our culture in the 1950s,” auction house co-owner Rico Baca said.

“There’s a great deal of interest in these types of items … I think it’s in good condition, considering the age of the jacket.”

Dean tragically died in a car accident just one month before the movie premiered at age 24.

Because he had only starred in three movies before his death, collectibles such as his jacket are somewhat of a rare item.

But it is not the first, as the switchblade he used in the movie was auctioned off in 2015.

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The jacket is thought by many to be just as iconic as actress Marilyn Monroe’s white dress or Michael Jackson’s worn gloves.

The cherry-red nylon bomber jacket is worth an estimated $400,000 to $600,000.

And while that may seem a bit pricey to most fans of the iconic movie star, this estimate falls into line with the selling prices of comparable collectibles.

The dress Monroe wore while singing “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy raked in a whopping 4.8 million dollars at auction in 2016, while one of Jackson’s white gloves sold for nearly half a million dollars in 2009.

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