James Woods Digs Up Harrowing Security Footage To Bury Nike


“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

These are the words that have been emblazoned across Colin Kaepernick’s face in Nike’s most recent ad campaign.

According to Nike, Kaepernick — the multi-millionaire ex-football player who found fame in refusing to stand for the national anthem — exemplifies these ideals of belief and sacrifice.

Upholding Kaepernick as someone who is willing to sacrifice “everything” for his beliefs is alarming, especially to actor James Woods, who is not at all happy about Nike’s endorsement of Kaepernick.

Especially when those words on the ad can be literally applied to the very police officers Kaepernick is so staunchly against, or those serving under the flag Kaepernick won’t stand for.

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Woods pointed out how disgusting Nike’s elevation of Kaepernick is by tweeting a link to a report of Cincinnati police successfully incapacitating a wild gunman.

The gunman was “firing shots at anyone he sees” according to Police Chief Eliot Isaac, as reported by Fox News.

“What’s most powerful in this video is the images of police officers having a face-to-face gun battle with the kill-crazy gunman,” Woods wrote.

“These are the men and women @Nike chooses to degrade, disparage, and humiliate.” He added the hashtag #StandForLawEnforcement.

The Cincinnati Police Department released security footage and body camera video from the Thursday incident, in which a man opened fire on the lobby of the Fifth Third Bancorp headquarters in downtown Cincinnati.

The man, who has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Enrique Santa Perez, walked into the lobby with a gun and a briefcase containing hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Talking to The State, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters repeated the words of one of the investigators, who believed it could have been “a bloodbath beyond imagination.”

Perez killed three people and wounded two others. Isaac said the officers “engaged the shooter within three and a half minutes of the first 911 call.”

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Cincinnati mayor John Cranley praised the officers’ courage. “You could see in the video … the guy is shooting at the cops,” he said. “(You can see) them not being afraid and engaging and ending it.”

“If he had gotten on the elevator, gone up to a floor, if he had been there earlier or a little bit longer, many more people would have been killed,” Cranley said.

Body camera footage showed how the officers approached the gunman and shot him through the glass windows of the lobby, managing to take him down before he could do any more damage.

The bravery of these self-sacrificing officers cannot be overstated.

We should honor those who put their lives at risk everyday to protect others — not those who disrespect them, like Colin Kaepernick.

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