Jason Aldean's Family Sports Biden Bashing T-Shirts in Viral Picture Conservatives Will Love


Country music superstar Jason Aldean and his wife, social media influencer Brittany Aldean, are proud supporters of former President Donald Trump. And they’re not afraid to show it — even if it means being trolled by vicious left-wing cyberbullies.

On Sunday, the blonde bombshell posted a series of Instagram photos of herself and her children wearing anti-Biden shirts.

In one photo with her husband, a smiling Brittany sports a gray T-shirt that reads, “Anti-Biden Social Club.”

In another picture, the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Navy, and 3-year-old son, Memphis, wear matching shirts with the slogan, “Hidin’ From Biden.”

The tagline is a reference to President Joe Biden’s well-documented history of groping and sniffing children and women throughout his 50-year political career.

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In another snapshot, Brittany posted a thumbs-up and smiley face emoji to accompany a photo of Memphis, who gives an enthusiastic thumbs-up sign while sporting a “Hidin’ From Biden” shirt.

The comments on Brittany’s Instagram post were largely positive and encouraging. Many fans applauded the Aldeans for not being afraid to share their political leanings at a time when outing oneself as a conservative can get a celebrity canceled.

“THANK YOU for not being afraid to speak out the truth no matter the criticism and backlash you may receive,” one fan wrote. “We need more people like y’all. That shirt is great!!”

Another follower wrote: “This is the best. Not many celebrities will do what you do and I love following you bc you will stand up for what you believe in.”

Will anti-Biden sentiment continue to escalate?

Conservative podcaster Candace Owens commented, “Omggggg I love you wayyyy too much!”

Brittany posted a link to the anti-Biden clothing line, which is sold at DaddyT45 — a reference to the 45th president.

The apparel line features an array of pro-Trump and anti-Biden shirts and sweatshirts, as well as new attire slamming the coronavirus vaccine mandates.

There’s also a sweatshirt paying homage to the groundswell of anti-Biden sentiment sweeping across university campuses nationwide. The hoodie bears the catchphrase “F Biden.”

It’s a reference to the growing trend of students chanting “F Joe Biden!” at college football games.

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WARNING: The following tweets and videos contain images that some viewers may find offensive.

Interestingly, the “F Biden” chants have also echoed across left-wing New York City in recent weeks.

Democrats and their media puppets have rabidly pushed the false narrative that Biden has everything under control.

In reality, his inept leadership has unleashed multiple catastrophic crises, both domestically and abroad, eroding support from voters coast-to-coast.

This administration is like a house of cards on the verge of collapse. It’s only a matter of time before it all comes tumbling down.

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