Watch: Woman Rips Down Explicit LGBT Propaganda on NYC Subway, Onlookers Shocked


Is New York City becoming red-pilled? A new viral video suggests that an unexpected cultural shift may be afoot in the left-wing stronghold.

On Tuesday, an unidentified Asian-American woman was filmed tearing down a series of subway ads promoting promiscuity, homosexuality, “pansexuality” and sadomasochism.

“All this is gross! All this is gross,” she said in the video while ripping down graphic ads depicting hypersexual imagery.

“I don’t know, for kids to be looking at this,” the woman said. “Is that OK?”

WARNING: The following tweets and videos contain images that some viewers may find offensive.

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Some passengers agreed that the ads were inappropriate and disturbing.

“No, it’s not. It’s wrong,” one woman replied. “It’s propaganda. It affects the next generation. This is disgusting.”

Are these subway posters appropriate for children?

A male subway rider chimed in, saying the explicit ads were “desensitization.”

Another passenger said the graphic images were “normalizing” dangerous behaviors.

The woman then continued to walk down the subway car of the D train, where she resumed tearing down other offensive posters.

One female bystander commended the woman, saying, “That’s what bravery looks like: saying no to propaganda.”

The woman tearing down the posters remarked, “This is not about equality, guys. This is about communism.”

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The colorful posters are part of an ongoing subway marketing campaign launched three years ago by the online dating site OkCupid.

While the ads claim to be “inclusive,” in reality, the messages they push are decidedly left-wing and even fringe.

In 2018, billboards plastered all over several New York City subway cars touted the “DFT” lifestyle, New York magazine reported.

DFT” is a slang abbreviation for “down to f***.”

In the latest iteration, other posters suggest that people who are pro-vaccine, gay or climate alarmists are sexually desirable.

In addition to promoting promiscuity, the OkCupid ads also champion abortion and suggest that left-wing men are preferable to conservatives.

Several Twitter users called the billboards offensive and completely inappropriate for children.

Another illustration that New York City is becoming more red-pilled is the scores of protests that have erupted against the coronavirus vaccine passports.

Democrats and their media partners have repeatedly pushed the false narrative that only “uneducated white Trump supporters” and other Republicans oppose vaccine passports, when in reality, numerous people on both sides of the political aisle are against that kind of government overreach.

These incidents don’t mean that Democratic stronghold NYC will suddenly become more Republican.

However, the mounting pushback suggests that the left is not as unified as it pretends to be and that veering too far left is alienating its base.

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