Jeffery Ford: How To Safeguard America from Radical Leftists


We are now seeing almost daily just how physically violent and psychologically unhinged America’s radical leftists have become.

Whether it’s California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters encouraging her minions to gather in mobs to push back against their political enemies, groups of angry people ganging up and shouting conservative leaders out of public places, or individual hate-filled leftists physically and verbally attacking conservatives of all ages on the street, the message is clear: Our nation’s, culture’s and families’ safety can no longer be taken for granted.

We are in a culture war like America has never experienced before. A small but significant percentage of those on the left now feel fully entitled, if not obligated, to shout down and commit physical violence against fellow Americans whom they wholeheartedly believe to be homophobic, xenophobic, sexist members of the Nazi Party.

We must focus on the following three actions to help guard our country and ourselves from future acts of senseless violence and never-ending harassment.

Educate young leftists so they know better.

Many of the younger members of the political left deserve our pity far more than our scorn. They’ve been cheated out of a historical, fact-based education that could have taught them the atrocities that predictably occur under socialism, communism and Nazism.

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We must attend local school board meetings and demand that our community’s schools start spending more time on teaching the facts of history and less time trying to confuse children about their own gender.

We need to start voting with our dollars and stop sending our high school graduates to colleges and universities whose open disdain for America is palpable and who subvert our youths’ worldview, often damaging their mental health.

Perhaps most importantly, we need to sit down with our teenagers and young adults and show them photos of the horrors that were actually committed under Adolph Hitler’s regime. Show them images and film of the work camps, the concentration camps and the stacks of dead bodies that are freely available online.

Do you think leftist protesters are prosecuted for criminal acts appropriately?

Then explain to them that Adolph Hitler was a socialist and not a capitalist like President Donald Trump and teach them what that means in terms of their own individuality and freedom.

Students don’t know what they don’t know, and they are unlikely to learn about historical realities if they aren’t taught them. We can make a significant difference in our world by sharing the truths that our public schools, universities and Hollywood refuse to share honestly with the rest of the world.

Hold leftists responsible for their acts.

Leftist protesters must face criminal charges whenever they are convicted of breaking the law. Everyone should be able to enjoy their First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Every law abiding American deserves to live their life without fear of violence simply for wearing a political cap or for attending a public speech or a political rally.

When violence, destruction, harassment or intimidation occurs, police and prosecutors must have the political and public backing to take appropriate action.

Conservatives also need to use civil courts to punish some perpetrators financially and send a clear message to potential future antagonists that those behaviors are not acceptable in the land of the free. Remember that for some people, a blow to the wallet can often be the ultimate deterrent.

Shame leftists without shaming ourselves.

Many leftists are frequently far more motivated by emotion than they ever are by logic. Believe me, those lefties aren’t ever going to let inconvenient logic get in the way of their “feels.” Realizing this, we can take their childlike histrionics and violent actions into the court of public opinion and shame a good many of these (particularly younger) liberals straight into conservatism.

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Sunshine is the best disinfectant, and we need to shine a bright light on their truly un-American values, beliefs and actions. We must make it uncomfortable for them to remain petulant and unrepentant. We should take comfort in the fact that a significant portion of these leftists will eventually get jobs and be ashamed of how they once behaved — especially when they start paying taxes.

Even though it might sometimes be easy, we don’t need to hurl insults at the folks on the left. Put-downs merely cause liberals to believe the rhetoric they’ve heard from their professors about “hate-filled conservatives.”

We just need to remember that leftists are collectivists. That means they care very deeply about how the collective herd views them. Many former liberals will even tell you that they didn’t always agree with much of leftist ideology but during that period of their lives it was too painful for them to break away from their network of peers.

Let’s hold up a mirror for the leftists to witness what they have become. Liberals used to pride themselves on tolerance, peace and understanding. Perhaps some of the more reachable lefties will then be better able to see what they’ve transformed into and then be more receptive to the teaching we offer.

Let’s also show everyone on the left just how great America can be by offering them understanding and forgiveness when they turn away from their misdeeds and folly.

Remember, even Ronald Reagan used to be a Democrat.

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Jeffery Ford is an author and guest on numerous talk radio shows.
Jeffery Ford is an author and frequent guest on numerous talk radio shows.