Jerk Dumps Garbage on Farmer's Property. Farmer Finds Address in Trash, Gets Revenge


Some people are just really difficult to figure out. Particularly those that go out of their way to make a stranger’s life miserable.

People who litter, or kick at cats, or say horrible things to people may not be so dangerous in the scheme of things, but they’re annoying.

They’re even more annoying if the dumb things they’re doing are aimed at or involve you.

So out in California, there is a farm. Like all farms, there is a certain beauty to the flatlands and symmetrically growing crops.

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The farmer was out surveying the land when he came across a jumbled pile of trash bags lying in a field.

One can only imagine the slump in his shoulders and the deep, angry sigh he must have exuded when he pulled up to the pile and discovered it was all trash.

As he started to collect it, he suddenly found a little piece of treasure sticking out of the junk. There was an envelope that had an address!

This must be, the farmer thought, the dumper. Now the question of what to do about it.

We don’t know if he contemplated letting it go or even calling the police. We do know that he came up with a plan to teach this litterbug a lesson.

The farmer pulled his truck up and carefully piled all of the trash into the bed of the truck. He didn’t want to lose a single piece of it as he and the garbage were going for a ride.

Next the farmer did some searching and found the house that matched the address on the envelope. He plotted his route and he was off, his plan was in motion.

He drove right up to the house and returned all of the trash. Yep, he just dumped it all in their driveway and drove off.

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Was it the right thing to do? Who’s to say. Was it funny? A little.

Is it poetic justice? For sure.

There’s no telling why some people do the things that they do. Why drive out to a random farm and dump all of your trash?

Why even try and guess why? Just know that if you attempt such a thing, it might just get returned to sender.

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