Jim Breuer's Reveals Miraculous Way God Intervened in His Marriage After His Desperate Prayer


Comedian Jim Breuer’s desperate appeal to God ended up saving his marriage.

Breuer spoke about this experience during a recent interview with a guest host on “Louder with Crowder” — rather fitting, given that the regular host, Steven Crowder, is going through massive trouble with his marriage.

Breuer spoke about how his wife struggled with anger issues and did not believe in God “which was rough for me, because I was a big God guy,” he said.

So Breuer decided to go stay at a hotel for a time, hoping that things would eventually improve.

However, on the way there, he “pulled over and had it out with God,” saying that he had an “honest conversation” with God, but also believing that God was laughing at him.

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Nevertheless, his appeal to God was as sincere as it could get. He said, “I need you right now, more than ever … I don’t believe in divorces … please, I don’t want this in my life.”

He followed that up by saying that he even gave an ultimatum to God about his marriage, which seems rather unbecoming for a Christian, but it shows the desperation he felt at the time.

Breuer then returned home and found his wife sitting on the couch with something on her mind.

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She then recounted to him how she met an elderly lady at the coffee shop who took her to her home and introduced her to her husband, and the couple prayed for her and her marriage.

She said that the experience “overwhelmed” her and she started sobbing. “I just want to start knowing about Jesus and just going to church,” she told her husband.

“And that, honestly, was the beginning of saving our relationship,” he said.

The message that Breuer wanted to send in this interview is clear. His desperate and sincere plea to God brought about the preservation of his marriage and the conversion of his wife to the Christian faith.

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This story is a great reminder of the power of prayer to actually help us in troubled times.

It’s evidence that God is actively working in our lives and that if something is a part of His will, He will bless it and bring it about.

What makes this all the more exciting is not only the fact that this is a famous comedian sharing his faith, but also that it is an actual example of prayer helping someone through a dark time.

Breuer found himself in a rather desperate situation, convinced that his marriage was at an end and that he would lose the woman that he loved. It seems as if he began to question God’s plan, but instead of abandoning his faith, he leaned into it and put all his trust in God.

And God rewarded him. His prayer was answered, his marriage stayed intact, and his wife came to faith in Christ.

Next time we find ourselves in a desperate situation like this, we should remember the story of Jim Breuer and the lesson that this taught him about God.

Things may seem troublesome and dark, but God has a plan for us and has a way out. If we put our complete trust in Him and in His plan, He will set things right for us.

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