Joe Biden Ditches Work to Take Mid-Week Beach Vacation with Jill Biden


Jill Biden’s husband can’t keep himself away from Delaware these days.

President Joe Biden called a lid on the week Wednesday, despite the fact the administration is currently at work attempting to negotiate and pass a massive “infrastructure” bill. Biden reportedly plans to spend the next few days at his vacation property in Rehoboth Beach.

The White House offered no media advisory or comment on the matter. The U.K.’s Daily Mail noted that the Federal Aviation Administration would restrict air traffic over Rehoboth Beach, where the Bidens bought an estate in 2017, until Friday.

The couple paid $2.7 million for the six-bedroom home, which sits perilously close to a coastline you’d think should be rising as part of the impending climate catastrophe Democrats have warned about for years. There is no apparent immediate danger this week.

First lady Jill Biden turned 70 on Thursday, so the couple presumably got away to celebrate. The couple seems to get away a lot.

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In the months since Biden was inaugurated, this marks his 12th trip home to Delaware. The New York Post reported Biden’s first trip back home came after a mere 17 days on the job. The president was just home again last week, although that trip was brief.

Certainly everyone is entitled to a vacation, while the stresses of being the leader of the free world no doubt take their toll in ways the average person couldn’t fathom. But the president doesn’t get a pass for being tired, or for needing to soak up some sunshine.

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Not if the last four years are the metric by which we judge presidential job performance and time management expectations. Former President Donald Trump played his fair share of golf while in office, which is no secret.

Trump would sometimes get away for a quick 18 holes, and the establishment media savaged him for it.

But Trump was always busy, and he was known for working until the wee hours of the morning. There’s also little doubt Trump got things done on the golf course.

As Business Insider noted, Trump golfed during office with people such as former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, at least one high-ranking military officer, multiple senators and numerous confidants both inside and outside of the White House.

Certainly some of the people’s business was done during Trump’s golf outings, while Trump used the golf course to bond with Abe — at the time, a key ally.

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Biden, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to get a lot of work done while he is present and accounted for. The country is in the depths of multiple crises that are the direct result of his agenda and ineffectual style of leadership.

House Republicans on Twitter pointed out the timing of Biden’s beach outing.

Biden’s dozen trips home to Delaware are essentially what one would expect from a man overseeing a jobs crisis, a border crisis, sky-high gas prices, the release of emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci that appear to show massive COVID corruption and a weakening of the dollar during a time when every penny counts for many families.

The establishment media loves it.

Biden is currently negotiating a way to spend trillions more of Americans’ tax dollars on his “infrastructure” plan, but he couldn’t be bothered to spend the duration of the workweek in Washington. Perhaps in that vein, Biden ought to stay on the beach — keeping those all-important negotiations stalled.

The less work he’s able to get done, the better off American families might be.

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