Joe Biden's Campaign Site Made Big Mistake with Design - Now He's Paying for It


President Joe Biden’s campaign for re-election in 2024 has gotten off to an amusing start rather befitting the style of his presidency so far.

On Tuesday, Biden officially announced that he would be seeking re-election and that Kamala Harris would once again be his running mate in the upcoming election.

Biden’s campaign team then launched the official website for the Biden/Harris 2024 campaign, and let’s just say, it seems that they did not really give much thought to the design of the website.

The Joe Biden for President homepage features a picture of Biden and Harris laughing and smiling together next to a large slogan that reads, “Together, we can finish the job for the American people.”

Unfortunately, Biden’s team made it rather easy for people on the internet to edit the text over the images, and people have been having a lot of fun, using the page as an opportunity to mock Biden.

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Since the launch of the site, people have posted pictures of the home page on Twitter, with the slogan changed to many of Biden’s most embarrassing gaffes, such as the one where he read “repeat the line” out loud from a teleprompter during a press conference.

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Or when he described America as “ASUFUTIMAEHAEFUTBW” while announcing the nomination of Kentanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

One Twitter user took aim at Biden’s age, changing the caption to read, “Together, we can tour retirement homes.”

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The point is not that his campaign team made this mistake with the website, but that Biden’s presidency as a whole is just so easy for people to make fun of. Biden is really a joke in the eyes of the world.

He is constantly saying weird things or tripping over his words and often does not even seem to be fully aware that he is the president.

People’s reaction to the new website proves that people do not take Biden seriously as the president, his administration seems more like a joke than it does a serious attempt at running the country.

Let us hope that in 2024, Americans will wake up and have the sense to remove him from power in order to bring real leadership back to this nation.

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