Kamala Harris and Husband Made $1,695,225 in 2020, Donated 1.6% to Charity


Americans look out for one another in times of need, whether it be by donating to a food bank or helping with rescue operations in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

This is shown on MarketWatch, which reported that in 2019 that, per a survey by the World Giving Index, Americans were the most charitable people on Earth over the course of the previous decade.

Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff appear to be exceptions.

The Hill reported Monday that both the president and vice president have publicly released their 2020 tax returns. The Harris family reported an adjusted gross income of $1,695,225, along with about $27,000 in charitable donations.

Doing some quick math, that comes out to about 1.6 percent of the Harris’ total income, according to Fox Business. Right away, there seems to be something wrong with that, and that feeling of wrongness only intensifies once one looks at U.S. averages.

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I think it’s striking and morbidly beautiful that those least fortunate among us are by far the most giving.

Using 2018 data, USA Today found that an American making under $15,000 a year donated an average of $1,471. Assuming someone makes $15,000, that means America’s poorest are donating nearly 10 percent of their income to charity.

What about Harris’ income bracket, Americans making over $250,000 annually? Here, the average filer donated $21,364.

While the Harris family donated slightly more than this number, the bracket includes people who make much less money than they do, meaning that the Harris’ have been awfully uncharitable.

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The Bidens were slightly better. They donated about 5.1 percent of their income to charity, according to the Daily Wire. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve been using their money for good.

Considering how much Biden and Harris demonized rich people on the campaign trail, you think they would’ve expended a little more effort to be less rich — if not for moral reasons, at least for the virtue-signaling benefits.

Yet, they happily published their tax returns showing them to be wealthy, fundamentally uncharitable people, while also pushing tax increases with a straight face.

The Biden administration is being disingenuous, of course. They don’t have some moral qualm with wealth, it is simply a lot easier to use other people’s money rather than their own.

Fortunately, it seems like at least some Senate Democrats are waking up. That would mean the Biden-Harris tax plan would remain nothing more than a wish-list item.

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“Pockets of skepticism have emerged within Biden’s party over White House plans to raise the corporate tax rate, revamp the international tax system and double tax rates on wealthy investors, among other measures critical to the administration’s plans,” The Daily Wire reported, quoting The Washington Post.

“The party faces regional divides over taxes as well, with farm-state Democrats skittish about taxes on heirs and coastal Democrats demanding the repeal of limits on state and local tax deductions, which would amount to an expensive tax cut that would require higher taxes elsewhere.”

No matter what happens, the American people can rest assured that when they donate to Goodwill, or perhaps a local food bank, they’re likely doing more for their neighbors in need than Harris.

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