Kathy Griffin Looks To Profit From Beheading Photo After Spending Months Crying About Consequences


Disgraced, left-leaning comedian Kathy Griffin is in the news again, this time due to an interview she gave to The Hill. During the “Rising” segment with Jamal Simmons, she stated that she is a victim of targeting by the U.S. government.

Anyone who is aware of the comedian’s controversial photo shoot — in which she held up what was made to look like the bloodied, severed head of President Donald Trump — might think that was why. They would be wrong.

According to Griffin, the targeting is because she is a woman. Misogyny strikes again and this time it is at the hands of the feds and is aimed directly at a “57-year-old, red-haired Irish comedian.”

So what was the government doing to target her? Following the photo shoot controversy, she reported that she “was on the no-fly list, and I had to be interrogated, like I said, by the feds under oath.”

How does any of that equate a sexist response to her actions? Griffin explained, “That also didn’t happen to any of the other guys who supposedly threatened the president, and I was singled out, and I think it’s because I’m a woman, and probably because I’m 57, and I don’t have a big network or studio behind me.”

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While on the one hand she is crying “victim,” on the other hand, she states she has “no regrets” for the actions that led up to her current situation. Just yesterday, political correspondent Nicholas A. Ballasy asked her, via Twitter, about that very thing:

Her response, and the resulting back-and-forth, was hostile and profanity-laced on Griffin’s part, but included reiterating that she had “no regrets” and stating that she’s said as much “a thousand times.”

She also claimed she had been getting “death threats from Trumpers and alt-right people non-stop…” which is why “after greeting attendees of the anti-Trump rally outside of the White House” she then was seen racing “to her SUV while surrounded by 3 bodyguards.”

Do you think Kathy Griffin is a fraud?

Making death threats against people is never okay and yet, it is not lost on some that what she is gong through now is a direct result of her essentially doing the same thing to someone else. And that someone else is the President of the United States.

In the immediate aftermath of her “beheading” photo shoot, apology and apology take-back, Griffin experienced some show cancellations and was fired from her CNN New Year’s Eve hosting duties.

However, since then, “The Victim’s” career has slowly been rebounding with her being booked for some shows and resuming her world tour.

The Hill reported that tomorrow she is slated to perform at “Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.”

According to the DAR Constitution Hall website, Griffin’s show is being sponsored by Bill Blumenreich Presents, Inc. Tickets are on sale via Ticketmaster for $37 each — which isn’t bad for someone who outraged so many across the country.

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In fact, she once claimed that her own supporters abandoned her over the scandal. They included former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton and actress Debra Messing.

The performance is part of her “Laugh Your Head Off World Tour.” According to the Kimmel Center, where she is scheduled to appear in October, the tour is helping her profit from the scandal and backlash:

“Armed with the story of the now infamous and controversial photo (yes…THAT photo), the fiery redheaded, award-winning, American comedian is bringing the story of the photo heard ‘round the world and the fallout that followed.”

Griffin was quoted in the Kimmel Center’s blurb for the performance, as well. “Donald Trump will not survive the live and hilarious indictment I will be bringing down on his orange head. Did I say head?”

“You’re gonna get the whole story. We will talk about THE photo that sparked a conversation around the world, how my mom Maggie still watches Fox News and thinks I might be in ISIS, and hell, I’ll even walk you through my interrogation by the feds.”

It is interesting that she jokes about ISIS in her blurb quote. This is because in her interview with The Hill, she complained about people screaming at her about her being like ISIS.

Claiming sexism was being used against her is also not new for Griffin. Back in June 2017, when she apologized for the photo shoot while in the presence of her attorney, she was quick to note that she was “not afraid of Donald Trump” because she had been “dealing with older, white guys trying to keep (her) down (her) whole life.”

She also pointed to the male-dominated field of stand-up comedy as being another source of her learning how to deal with misogyny. So is Griffin a victim of a sexist U.S. government targeting her? Not everyone would agree that she is.

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