Kids Flip Over Old Sign, Realize There's Pair of Eyes Staring Back at Them


There’s an old expression, curiosity killed the cat — meaning being too curious can sometimes get you in trouble. But for two teenage boys in Flint, Michigan, curiosity saved a life.

Cousins Tyler and Eugene Price decided to spend the day exploring the neighborhood. They came upon what they thought was an old metal sign.

Curiosity got the better of them and they decided to flip it over to see what was written on the other side. What they saw was a deep hole and something else.

“I lifted it up with my foot and looked. All I could see were his eyes,” Tyler said. A set of glaring eyes staring back from a dark hole might have caused most people to run, but not Tyler and Eugene.

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The teens were startled to discover a starving pit bull that had been abandoned in an old storm drain and left to die. The metal sign had been intentionally used to cover the hole so that the dog could not escape.

“We gotta get him out!” said Tyler, abandoning all fear of the frightened dog. But the prison was too deep and the boys quickly realized that they needed help.

Tyler asked his father, George, to help with the rescue. After calling the Streethearts rescue group, a non-profit team that helps find homes for abandoned pets, George arrived on the scene.

Tyler was able to lower down dog food, and it was quickly gobbled up by the starving dog. When the rescue team arrived, they pulled the dog to safety.

“I thought he was gonna be like, angry, or like, try to bite people,” Tyler said of the dog, lovingly named Mars.

It turned out that Mars was a lover, not a hater, and couldn’t stop showing his gratitude by giving out kisses.

Mars was sent into foster care for recovery. His new foster Mom, Terissa Kerr, is so thankful that Tyler and Eugene came to Mars’ rescue. Mars is thankful as well.

Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that Mars was sick. He had a bad case of heartworm infestation that would cost close to $1900 to treat and without treatment he would die.

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Perhaps that was why someone had left him to die — but Mars had a new family and support group now.

And though his former owner may not have cared enough to take care of the dog’s condition, his new family couldn’t imagine letting the pup go.

No one was willing to let that happen. A YouCaring fundraiser was launched, the goal was met, and Mars began treatment.

Tyler and Eugene are the real heroes. Their curiosity saved one dog left to die, a dog so full of gratitude that he couldn’t stop giving out kisses.

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