Kimmel Tries Making Joke About Conservatives Being Dumb... Then Shapiro Steps In


Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel insulted half the country and Ben Shapiro isn’t going to let him get away with it.

Over the weekend, the liberal entertainer made waves when he arrogantly claimed that the reason so many talk show hosts are liberal isn’t because Hollywood is an echo chamber. No — instead, he boasted that he and his fellow funnymen are leftists because of how darn smart they are.

“It just so happens that almost every talk show host is a liberal and that’s because it requires a level of intelligence,” Kimmel declared during an appearance on a popular podcast.

Conservative attorney and commentator Ben Shapiro decided to hit back, and quickly pointed out how silly Kimmel’s statement was.

“Careers that ooze intelligence: 3. Rocket scientist 2. Neurosurgeon 1. Late night host who says funny things writers write for him,” the pundit posted.

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The jab is right on target. Who do you think has more raw intelligence: World-renowned brain surgeon and Republican author Ben Carson, or Jimmy Kimmel, whose claim to fame was having large-breasted women jump on a trampoline for “The Man Show?”

For the record, Shapiro holds a doctor of jurisprudence degree from Harvard Law. Kimmel is a college dropout.

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Of course, there can be intelligent people on both sides of the political aisle, but that is exactly why Kimmel’s boast is so strange and out of touch.

If he was trying to make a joke, it wasn’t particularly witty. “I am so smart and people who disagree with me aren’t” is not humor. It’s arrogance and braggadocio wrapped in a smug package.

What it truly reflects is an ego that has gone unchecked for years. It seems that Jimmy Kimmel genuinely believes that standing in front of an audience and telling jokes — which, as Shapiro pointed out, are often written by a staff of writers — makes the host an intellectual.

Even more appalling is Kimmel’s confirmation bias, which shows just how out of touch he truly is.

Instead of realizing that all the talk show hosts he knows are liberal because Hollywood rejects intellectual diversity and half the country along with it, Kimmel has made the remarkably un-intelligent assumption that everyone who is like him must be superior. That’s pure hubris.

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In addition to Shapiro, other Twitter users quickly responded to the late-night host’s arrogance and made extremely good points about his boast.

Wall Street Journal contributor Shoshana Weissmann pointed out how ridiculous it is to believe that political views are a perfect measure of intelligence.

“Really? Because Kimmel’s a host and is stupid enough to think political party is a proxy for intelligence,” she posted. “Tribalism makes people dumb.”

“How does this jibe with his Neanderthal misogyny on THE MAN SHOW?” asked John Podhoretz, referencing the fact that Kimmel’s break-out show was purposely presented as a dumbed-down caveman-like version of men.

Back in October, Kimmel gave the proverbial middle finger to any conservatives left in his audience, telling an interviewer that he “probably wouldn’t want to have a conversation with them anyway.”

Maybe that’s the problem: Kimmel and other leftists are so assured of their own superiority that they refuse to even talk to anybody with different opinions. Notice that smart conservatives like Ben Shapiro not only welcome debate, they seek out venues where they can engage people who don’t share their views.

Ironically, avoiding anyone with different views not the mark of a smart person. It’s the sign of an intellectually insecure weakling who is terrified to lose an argument. Maybe Kimmel isn’t a genius after all.

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