King Charles III Coronation Day Revealed by UK Officials


The date of King Charles III’s coronation has been set.

Senior British government officials are planning the king’s coronation for Jun. 3, reportedly speaking to Bloomberg on the plans for the event anonymously.

The ceremony will be the first of its kind since Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, the year after becoming monarch.

The queen’s 1953 coronation occurred on Jun. 3 of that year.

Charles will be the oldest monarch in British history to be coronated, according to Bloomberg, in part owing to his mother’s own historic reign of seventy years.

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Charles will be 74 when he’s coronated at Westminster Abbey.

Under the unwritten British constitution, the new monarch immediately assumes the role of his sovereign the moment his predecessor dies or abdicates. Charles took on the role of the monarch when Elizabeth died last month.

His accession to the throne was subsequently confirmed in a meeting of Britain’s Accession Council.

Charles will be crowned with St. Edward’s Crown, a royal item named for one of the final Anglo-Saxon Kings of England before the Norman Invasion of 1066.

Will you be watching the coronation ceremony?

The King will also be seated on a throne named after King Edward the Confessor as he’s anointed with holy oil in a Church of England liturgical ceremony.

The monarch traditionally swears allegiance to the Church of England in their coronation ceremony, an oath influenced by centuries of religious conflict over the British throne between Catholics and Protestants.

In a historical twist, the version of the crown Charles III will wear was first crafted for Charles II in 1661, according to Bloomberg.

The last King Charles restored the British monarchy after an interregnum for Oliver Cromwell’s republican government.

It’s expected that the June coronation will feature many of the traditions and customs of the Church of England, which the monarch heads as Supreme Governor.

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The coronation — first of its kind in over a half-century — may also feature nods to other elements of British society, such as other denominations of Christianity and even other religions.

The coronation is likely to include the pomp and ceremony associated with Elizabeth’s funeral, even while Charles’ concern for the political appeal of the monarchy could tamp down the elaborate ceremony and wealth associated with his office, according to Bloomberg.

Buckingham Palace hasn’t officially commented on a tentative date for the coronation, according to Bloomberg.

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