Kitten Loses Arms to Weed Wacker, New Owner Refuses To Give Up on His Little T. Rex Cat


Cats and dinosaurs are not things you’d normally associate with one another, but when a few day old kitten lost his two front arms to a weed wacker, his new owner couldn’t help but to make the connection.

When little Mercury showed up after his accident, the vet knew the perfect people to take care of him: Scott and Sara Bohn. They had been volunteering with a cat rescue specifically working with very young, bottle-fed kittens so it was a perfect fit.

Other people suggested that Mercury should have been put down to save him from a difficult life, but as he grew Scott saw how well he adjusted to new challenges and knew he couldn’t give up on him.

Scott also understood how important it would be to get Mercury to move. In the beginning, they made him crawl across a blanket to get his milk to build the muscles in his back legs.

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His therapy began to get more and more difficult so that he would become more independent. He began learning to stand when he was about 4 weeks old!

A week after that, he learned how to jump. He began just jumping up on Scott’s leg, but he would eventually learn how to use stairs to get up on different pieces of furniture throughout the house.

He learned how to move around in his own unique way so that he could continue to play with new toys and other kittens. Scott noticed how much he moved like a famously short-armed dinosaur, so he began calling Mercury his “little T. Rex”

Scott wrote in a Youtube video, “He vowed never to be a weak kitten, and went about learning some kitten ninja skills.” Scott and Sara were extremely proud of the progress that Mercury had made.

Some toys were a little more difficult to figure out, but he eventually found a way to play with them.

Scott just wanted to make sure that Mercury would be able to live as independently and as happily as possible. Four years later, Mercury plays and cuddles just like any other cat.

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Scott started posting updates on social media so people all over could watch his adventures. He inspires his fans to keeping pushing forward.

Because Scott refused to give up on his little T. Rex kitten, Mercury gets to live a happy life. He said, “Raising Mercury has taught me to never give up and never give in.”

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