Larry the Cable Guy Resurrects Nadler's Old Statement To Destroy Mail-In Ballot Claims


The Democrats’ push for widespread vote-by-mail is obviously a disaster waiting to happen, but somehow Larry the Cable Guy is speaking more common sense on the matter than any elected Democrat or member of the establishment media.

It isn’t shocking that a comedian would be smarter than the clowns in government, but this time Larry, the alter ego of Daniel Lawrence Whitney, used words from one of their own to make the case.

Democrats are pushing for increased mail-in options ostensibly to protect their constituents from catching the coronavirus at the polling station, although many of those same folks likely continued their weekly grocery and other shopping trips, which were allowed even during the quarantine lockdowns.

According to The Washington Post, 34 states plus the District of Columbia already had some form of mail-in voting available for those who applied and had a valid reason, and now states including California, Vermont and Montana have joined others in simply mailing ballots to all registered voters.

So far, a total of nine states and D.C. simply mail the ballots, while another nine automatically send out an application for mail-in ballots.

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All told, only eight states require any excuse beyond COVID-19 fears to be eligible for vote-by-mail in some form, meaning close to 180 million ballots could be cast by mail without ever having to face a polling official.

That seems legit, right?

Well, in Clark County, Nevada, for instance, over 223,000 mail-in ballots were considered undeliverable, with 1 in 6 voters not receiving their ballots for the state’s primary (there’s no way to know how many were cast by someone else after being sent to a previous address or simply intercepted).

It was a clerical error, according to The Post, that resulted in over 500,000 return envelopes being marked with the wrong address for absentee voters in Virginia, while South Carolina ballots ended up in Maryland allegedly for the same reason.

Do you think mail-in voting is attractive to Democrats because of the opportunity for fraud?

The debacle in this year’s New York primary voting, which has taken six weeks and a judicial edict to untangle, demonstrates what could happen when 1-in-4 mail-in votes has to be disqualified for one reason or another, according to the New York Post.

The risk of everything from clerical errors to postal delays is a valid concern with using the mail system to cast ballots.

Oh, but then there’s the fraud. One mail carrier in West Virginia was recently convicted of fraud after attempting to tamper with mail-in ballot requests, according to The New York Times.

There were also the New Jersey politicians who allegedly tampered with hundreds of mail-in ballots for a small Paterson City Council race.

And as Larry the Cable Guy demonstrated in his recent tweet, these kinds of problems were known to and expressed by none other than House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler back in 2004 when the New York Democrat railed against using paper ballots.

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“Lol. [face palm] I mean when are people gonna wake up to this stuff,” the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” alum tweeted with the clip.

“Here is Democrat Jerry Nadler on mail-in voting before President @realDonaldTrump was president.”

In a clip taken from a C-SPAN archive featuring a House Judiciary Committee hearing on voting irregularities in the 2004 Ohio elections, Nadler was adamant about the need for traditional balloting and specifically cited the possibility of voter fraud.

“I feel constrained to observe that in my experience in New York, paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud,” he began in the clip, “and at least with the old clunky voting machines that we have in New York, the deliberate fraud is way down compared to paper.”

When the freelance journalist who posed the original question cited a Massachusetts Institute of Technology study and said it was “among the most reliable” ways to vote, he doubled down.

“I want a paper trail, I want paper somewhere,” Nadler retorted. “But pure paper with no machines? I can show you experience which would make your head spin.”

Maybe it was a Joe Biden memory lapse kind of moment for him, but just this past May, Nadler lambasted President Donald Trump for essentially making the same point.

Nadler was correct in the necessity of both traditional machines and a paper trail, but now somehow the congressman isn’t at all bothered by mail ballots, his previous head-spinning experiences apparently forgotten.

President Donald Trump has been outspoken in his opposition to the format because of the problems that anyone without an agenda would acknowledge, as Nadler did 16 years ago.

Even The New York Times raised concerns about mail-in voting in a 2012 article before doing an about-face after the current president took up the cause.

Mail-in ballots are low-hanging fruit for any opportunistic politician or ally to tamper with, but now that Trump is up for re-election, those sounding the alarm bells are labeled hysterical.

Could it be because Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee against Trump in the 2020 presidential election, needs all the help he can get against his opponent?

Democrats don’t really have a leg to stand on other lashing out at the president and begging Biden to stay hidden in his basement because it seems every time he opens his mouth something appalling comes out of it.

Their only hope is to take advantage of the opportunity COVID-19 has presented, scaring people to remain homebound and accept the voting format as a forgone conclusion.

This way, after election night, the counting could be dragged out for weeks and months (or maybe just enough time to stuff the box for Biden), and people in black robes could decide the election rather than the American people.

For anyone old enough to remember the mess that was the 2000 presidential election between former Democratic Vice President Al Gore and then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush on the Republican side, this has the potential to shape up into a repeat (maybe that’s why Nadler was so concerned about voter fraud in 2004 but not now).

Most Americans are opposed to voting by mail, but like many other things the Democrats ram through, it seems the country will simply have to deal with the aftermath.

In the coming months, Biden will likely stay in his hidey-hole, but ultimately all of the potential fraud and errors in the world won’t make up for the fact that he is an awful candidate.

Nevertheless, Trump voters will surely turn out en masse and, in the words of Larry the Cable Guy, “Git-R-Done.”

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Christine earned her bachelor’s degree from Seton Hall University, where she studied communications and Latin. She left her career in the insurance industry to become a freelance writer and stay-at-home mother.
Christine earned her bachelor’s degree from Seton Hall University, where she studied communications and Latin. She left her career in the insurance industry to become a freelance writer and stay-at-home mother.