As Left Trashes Trump Over Puerto Rico, Aerial Photos Confirm Trump's Right


It’s hurricane season again and while the nation braces for what could possibly happen off the Carolina coasts with Hurricane Florence, we remember the devastation Hurricane Maria left in Puerto Rico last year.

It is regarded as even deadlier than hurricane since Katrina in 2004, which left about 2,000 dead. Nearly 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico are being attributed to Maria, according to news reports.

The United States stepped up with aid and money to help the struggling economy of Puerto Rico rebuild after the devastation, but seldom did the Trump administration get credit for its efforts.

Liberal media is all in a frenzy as President Trump declares his efforts to help Puerto Rico Rebuild an “unsung success.”

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In fact, in October of last year, the president signed a $36.5 billion emergency aid, flood disaster relief bill that included $1.27 billion to help Puerto Rico rebuild, as reported by The Hill.

Has coverage the mainstream media's of Hurricane Maria's aftermath been skewed to make the Trump administration look bad?

It’s a year later and the government of Puerto Rico is still complaining that the president’s response is not enough.

Well, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló may be eating his words, or drinking them, because it turns out that the president was right. The federal government did step up with aid. The local government in Puerto Rico failed to follow through and get that aid to its people.

Social media has been buzzing with the news that possibly millions of bottles of water sent last year to aid victims never reached their destination. They made it to Puerto Rico all right, but the people who needed them never received them

They are still sitting on an airport tarmac on the island. CBS News’ David Begnaud made the story national news.

As reported: “According to Begnaud, a senior official at FEMA confirmed ‘that the water was brought to the island last year and that it was transferred and distributed — given to the central government of Puerto Rico. Again FEMA brought the water to the island and gave it to the central government of Puerto Rico,  specifically to the general service administration. It’s unclear at that point what the GSA as it’s known did. Clearly they didn’t do enough.'”

At least one Twitter user who responded wasn’t surprised.

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While this may be new news to most of us, those on the ground helping to rebuild have other atrocious stories.

Twitchy also states: “Chef José Andrés, who was on Puerto Rico helping cook and distribute food after the hurricane, said he even had to buy water because the Puerto Rico’s government wouldn’t give these bottles to him. He’s also calling for Gov. Ricardo Rossello to order an independent investigation.”

The first question that comes to my mind is, if the water never got distributed to the citizens of Puerto Rico, where did the rest of the money and aid go?

And to top it off, Gov. Rosselló took more swipes at Trump. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you …

If I were Gov. Rosselló I would think twice about accepting huge amounts of money in aid and then making nasty comments at the benefactors that delivered them.

Hurricane season isn’t over yet.

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