Leftist Columnist: Trump Isn't Hero But Hitler Was


We’ve grown accustomed to prominent liberals calling President Donald Trump a “Nazi” and comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

None of them, however, has gone public with the position that Hitler, unlike Trump, was a “hero.”

That is, until now.

Believe it or not, nationally syndicated columnist Marc Munroe Dion, in an effort to mock Trump for not serving in the military, staked out that bizarre ground Monday.

Dion began his latest column like this: “Despite what my left-leaning friends say, there is a big difference between President Donald J. Trump and Adolf Hitler.

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“Hitler was a hero.”

Dion then sings the praises of the man responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews and several million others.

“He volunteered for military service in World War I, served on the front lines, was wounded in the leg, gassed, awarded several decorations and promoted. … Hitler ran messages through a storm of lead,” the columnist wrote. Trump, on the other hand, “charged into Stormy Daniels.”

Do you think liberals need a lesson on the atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazis?

The article ventured into more familiar leftist territory as Dion attempted to draw parallels between Hitler’s leadership and Trump’s.

“Hitler said he would make Germany great again. … You didn’t ‘disrespect the flag’ in Hitler’s Germany, and you ‘honored our brave soldiers.’ You didn’t talk back to the cops either, because they, too, were heroes,” he wrote.

Dion also insulted the president and his supporters, saying Trump “slid out from between the silk sheets of unearned privilege and proudly announced that he spoke for the little people. The little people, who like patriotic fireworks displays far more than they like Mexicans or due process, couldn’t wait to salute this draft dodger.”

The column soon went back to its central theme, however, with the author declaring neither he nor Trump will ever be “as heroic as Hitler.”

“The draft was over by the time I came of age,” Dion wrote. “My father, a tremendously unsentimental World War II combat veteran, once told me that if I joined the military, he’d never speak to me again.

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“Still, I had my nights on the dance floor, and if the girls weren’t models, they at least wore killer heels. I might have been hurt badly.

“And today, I realize that my war record is every bit as good as our president’s, and I blush with pride. I am a hero. Unfortunately, I will never be as heroic as Hitler, and neither will Trump …”

Dion is a longtime writer for The Herald News of Fall River, Massachusetts, but — oddly enough — the Hitler column doesn’t show up on the newspaper’s website.

His Creators bio calls Dion an “award-winning veteran reporter” and says he was twice nominated for the Pulitzer Price.

It’s hard to imagine him winning anything but derision for his latest effort.

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Todd Windsor is a senior story editor at The Western Journal. He was born in Baltimore and grew up in Maryland. He graduated from the University of Miami (he dreams of wearing the turnover chain) and has worked as an editor and reporter in news and sports for more than 30 years. Todd started at The Miami News (defunct) and went on to work at The News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C., the St. Petersburg (now Tampa Bay) Times, The Baltimore Sun and Space News before joining Liftable Media in 2016. He and his beautiful wife have two amazing daughters and a very old Beagle.
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