After Leftist Mob Cancels Christian Bakers, Christian 'Mob' Shows Up and Saves the Day


When the world cancels you, God often has better plans.

Melissa and Aaron Klein had to shut down their Oregon bake shop, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, after refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. The Christian business owners faced $135,000 in discrimination fines in 2013.

The Christian couple is now raising funds to relaunch their business in Montana while their court case could soon be heard by the Supreme Court.

In 2013, a crippling discrimination fine forced the Kleins to shut down their business, but they continued to bake cakes from home until 2016 when they had to close their business for good.

The Kleins were ordered to pay the fine to the lesbian couple by administrative judge Alan McCullough. Aaron Klein cited a verse in Leviticus in his refusal to commission the wedding cake which prompted the outlandish fine.

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The Kleins appealed to the Oregon Court of Appeals, which ruled against them in 2017. They fought and appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2020, the Kleins were given renewed hope as the Oregon Appeals Court was ordered to hear their case again.

Earlier this year, the Oregon Court of Appeals upheld their original finding but threw out the $135,000 fine over a claim of subtle bias against the religious beliefs of the Kleins, OPB reported.

According to Dailywire, with their case soon heading to the Supreme Court, the Kleins feel the hand of God’s providence. After almost 10 years, they have an opportunity to open their business once again.

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After years and years of legal battles, countless cultural shifts and many other hits from the blue state of Oregon, Aaron and Melissa Klein have moved to the red state of Montana, and their faith in God is stronger than ever.

This Christian couple has watched their business and lives be destroyed by woke cancel culture, but they have now found renewed strength in their church community and family.

“Showing resilience and faith that God is the rock we stand on and His love will conquer all fears,” Melissa said in thanking supporters for their help.

While the years of legal battles could have discouraged the couple from ever baking again, Aaron and Melissa felt God moving in their lives and opening doors to start baking again.

While progressives have canceled the Kleins, the Christian community has rallied together to effectively “uncancel” them through fundraising. Aaron and Melissa have raised $17,000 towards relaunching their beloved business, Sweet Cakes.

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Many people in America find themselves being canceled by woke America as they stand up for their faith against cultural attacks. The Kleins serve as a great reminder that God will always make a way.

Oregon and other Democrat-led states show hostility towards outspoken Christians, but red states like Montana, Texas and Florida continue to welcome people and businesses that seek asylum from the restrictive ideologies and policies of blue states.

Oregon and surrounding states have been known for leading the defund the police movement, vaccine mandates and other cultural madness, but Montana, Texas and Florida are welcoming companies like Tesla, Sweet Cakes and Caterpillar with their protections of constitutional rights.

Not only are red states protecting more constitutional rights: The Supreme Court is as well, with cases like Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, along with many other Christians, praise God for a truth seeking Supreme Court.

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