Angela Box: Liberals Are Masters of Projection


I drive a lot for work, so naturally, I am addicted to all the streaming services. Sometimes a girl just needs to check out zone politics for a bit.

I recently subscribed to Hulu and decided to check out “The Handmaid’s Tale” since everybody who’s anybody heralds it as something actually worthwhile to watch.

It is not.

Like this season of the formerly fantastic and now dreadful “Homeland,” “The Handmaid’s Tale” is basically liberals’ twisted invention of what they believe conservatives to be.

In this liberal, dystopian, apocalyptic fairy tale, the once formerly free world (virtue-signaled by pot smoking, lesbian affairs and biracial babies) has somehow been commandeered by armed Puritans who hang Catholic priests, abortionists and homosexuals in the town square.

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Women who once wrote term papers for their Women’s Studies courses about how sexual assault is running rampant on university campuses have now been rounded up, forced into Amish-like costumes and told they are all sluts whom God is punishing. In the Rachel and Leah Center (I could not make this up if I tried), the women are browbeaten into submission, often with torture. Men have sex with the handmaids, who are slaves to the women who cannot bear children.

In essence, the bastardization of Christian theology is extreme. I’m no fan of fundamentalist religion in any form, but this nonsense is essentially a liberal’s twisted pipe dream of what they so fervently wish conservatives were.

But as is always the case, liberals project their own prejudices upon their political enemies.

I daresay that any black, transgender, Mexican, lesbian, gay, Muslim, or any other oppressed “checked box” is far safer on a college campus or in mainstream liberal America than any Christian conservative would be.

Do you agree that Liberals are masters of projection?

Stories abound of conservative speakers discussing the importance of free speech being roundly booed and threatened with violence if they dare open their mouths in a university setting.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” is absolute garbage television, so naturally, it won all the Emmys and Golden Globes last year. I have no doubt this season of “Homeland,” which is arguably one of the worst things I’ve seen in my life ever, will sweep the awards this year.

“Homeland,” which began as an Islamic terrorist and espionage morality play has now been turned into #TheResistance on crack cocaine.

Since everyone in Hollywood assumed Hillary Clinton was going to finally smash that glass ceiling, their parallel election story line had the female candidate winning the presidency.

And then, the unthinkable happened. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in real life.

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Since Hollywood is out of ideas, instead of continuing on with their storyline, they instead had to flip the script and turn the first female president into a snarling, insane, power-mad Donald Trump caricature.

In the “Homeland” fantasy, the writers would have you believe Donald Trump is throwing people who disagree with him into gulags, murdering journalists and torturing four-star generals.

But honestly, who does that really sound like? The behavior described by the writers of “Homeland” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” is certainly more indicative of Islamists or communist regimes — things Hollywood (and leftists in general) regularly defend and promulgate.

Or take any mass shooting or Islamist attack. Leftists constantly claim right-wing Christians are forever shooting up schools or mowing down pedestrians.

But, as any sensible person realizes, this is the opposite of the case. Nine times out of ten, it is either a leftist freak or an Islamist perpetrating acts of terror on innocent citizens. (And let’s not forget their love of illegal aliens, who liberals also coddle and defend.)

Another downright hilarious liberal projection happened last week, and was breathlessly promoted by the media.

The DNC, who needs money badly, decided to sue Russia, President Trump, and WikiLeaks for collusion in the 2016 election as a fundraising stunt. What these idiots don’t seem to fathom is that there is no collusion between Trump, Russia, and WikiLeaks.

There is however, extensive and provable collusion between the Democrat National Committee, Hillary Clinton and her campaign, Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, the law firm of Perkins Coie, the FBI, and the Obama Department of Justice to deny Donald Trump his duly-elected presidency by using a phony, Russian-produced dossier in order to get a FISA warrant to spy on his transition team. This is nothing less than an attempted bloodless coup.

In addition, after the DNC’s servers had been hacked (which WikiLeaks has always maintained was an inside job, not hacked by a state actor) they refused to let the FBI examine anything. They instead farmed it out to a James Comey-approved Ukrainan operation called CrowdStrike who assured everyone that it was the Russians who were behind it all.

Why wouldn’t the DNC allow the FBI to examine their servers? Because, as former DNC chair Donna Brazile has confirmed, it would show is that the Democrat party colluded with Hillary Clinton to keep Bernie Sanders from even remotely standing a chance of winning the Democrat nomination.

All of these yummy revelations will come out in the discovery phase of the trial, if the lawsuit is not dismissed outright.

Democrats should actually hope it is dismissed, because this is definitely a situation of “be careful what you wish for.”

Want some more liberal projection?

Liberals always like to claim Republicans and conservatives are knuckle-dragging, misogynist, homophobic, toothless Neanderthals. But who is it who continually mocks Sarah Sanders for her appearance, Sarah Palin over her intelligence, or calls any conservative woman (me included) a bimbo or a Barbie Doll?

It’s perfectly fine for liberals to destroy conservatives. But when dealing with their own? Why, they circle the wagons each and every time.

Liberals have nearly always refused to take out their own trash. This time that reticence takes the form of Joy Reid, MSNBC’s black, feminist, #Resist superhero.

Joy finds herself in a bit of a pickle. Someone went through her old blog and found some distinctly homophobic posts — which as we know, would fit right in with the mullahs of Iran!

Once again, liberals project their own bigotry on to everybody else. Joy actually claimed her blog had been hacked by some evil conservatives, and her lemming viewers seemingly bought her story.

It’s so very delicious.

California Rep. Devin Nunes summed it up perfectly. “I just go by the old rule: whatever they accuse you of doing, they’re actually doing.” Truer words were never said.

America is in a fight for her soul, culture, sovereignty, language, and way of life.

It’s pretty obvious who the hatemongers truly are, right liberals?

Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. A version of this article originally appeared on her blog,

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Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. She currently works with a political consultant on candidate races throughout America.