Liberals Furious at Megyn Kelly Over Her Unexpected Trump Comments


While former Fox News and NBC News host Megyn Kelly got a thank you from President Donald Trump for her positive assessment of his debate performance, she did not get the same response from liberals.

“Trump won this debate, handily. Biden wasn’t a force at all. Trump was substantive, on-point, well-tempered. Definitely helped himself, when it mattered most,” Kelly tweeted following the second and final presidential debate of 2020 Thursday night.

“Thank you Megyn!” Trump responded.

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During the debate, Kelly predicted that Trump’s “poll numbers are going to go up.”

Actress Patricia Arquette replied to the commentator’s assessment of Trump winning by asking, “Do you have windmill cancer? I’m getting concerned.”

Kelly shot back, “Nah, just don’t suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and can still engage in fair analysis. You wouldn’t understand.”

Another Twitter user jumped in, responding to Kelly, “Fascinating to watch another woman totally subjugate herself for a man that viciously attacked her publicly. I think Ted Cruz has found a soulmate.”

“Is Megyn begging to get her job back at Fox News?” still another asked. “Because the pro-Trump propaganda she posts is nauseating.”

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Last month, the former Fox News prime-time host launched the “Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, which currently ranks second on Apple News commentary behind The Daily Wire’s “Enough.”

Kelly and Trump, of course, had their famous “feud” during the 2016 election cycle, which started during the first Republican primary debate (and Trump’s first debate as a politician ever) when she asked him about his past statements about some women.

“You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals,” Kelly began her question.

“Only Rosie O’Donnell,” Trump interjected, earning his cheers from the crowd.

Kelly countered that his comments went beyond O’Donnell. She wanted to know how he would respond to a charge by Hillary Clinton that he’s part of the war on women.

“I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct,” Trump answered. “And frankly, what I say, and often times it’s fun, it’s kidding. We have a good time. What I say is what I say and honestly, Megyn, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry.

“I’ve been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be based on the way you have treated me.”

After the debate, Trump fired off derogatory tweets about Kelly and from time to time in the months that followed.

Trump chose to skip a subsequent debate in Iowa that Kelly moderated in January 2016.

The two buried the hatchet that spring, and Trump sat down for a one-on-one interview with Kelly in May 2016.

She noted in a tweet Thursday night Trump’s compliment to debate moderator NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker.

It seems all Trump really wants is a fair shake, which is something any honest journalist should be able to give.

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