Like Father, Like Son? More Racist Hunter Biden Texts, Reportedly Referred to Asians with a Slur


The son of President Joe Biden used an ethnic slur when referring to Asian women during a 2019 conservation with his cousin, according to text messages unearthed from his abandoned computer hard drive, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

So much for “stopping AAPI hate,” the Democratic Party’s exaggerated charge that is meant to portray minority Americans — i.e., the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community — as being at risk of violence from conservatives and the white supremacy boogeyman.

Hunter Biden, who the Daily Mail reported earlier this month had a propensity toward using the N-word in private conversations with his lawyer, also apparently is not attracted to Asian women. Full stop.

According to the outlet — which reportedly has an authentic copy of the Hunter Biden hard drive — the adult son of the president, who himself has been dogged by racism allegations, referred to Asian women as “yellow” as his cousin Caroline Biden tried to get him a date back in January 2019.

After seemingly striking out with the ladies for a period of time, Hunter Biden reportedly turned to Caroline Biden for help. In an exchange that shows how he literally hunted for women, he used the slur.

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“’Do you want foreign or domestic. I can’t give you f***ing Asian sorry. I’m not doing it,” Caroline Biden told her cousin, according to the Daily Mail. At that time, Hunter Biden was reported to be in the throes of a crack cocaine addiction and making pornography with prostitutes.

This was after Caroline had pitched a 26-year-old German woman named “Denise.” Hunter Biden, who was almost 50 at the time, said he was fond of women who were half his age, according to the report.

He told his cupid cousin: “24 is great. Seriously… Its incredibly easy to impress a 24 year old.”

When given the information that an Asian woman was not in the cards, Hunter Biden had no issue with that, according to the Daily Mail.

Do you think the Biden family has a problem with racism?

“Domesticated foreigner is fine. No yellow,” he said, using an anti-Asian slur.

To each his own, but did he have to be so demeaning? That isn’t the kind of language one might expect to hear from the son of a proclaimed civil rights icon such as Joe Biden.

In fact, fewer than 30 days ago, the president railed against an uptick in unprovoked attacks against Asian-Americans, many of them women.

“For centuries, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders — diverse and vibrant communities — have helped build this nation only to be often stepped over, forgotten, or ignored,” Biden said last month, according to a White House transcript.

“My message to all of those of you who are hurting is: We see you. And the Congress has said: We see you. And we are committed to stop the hatred and the bias,” he said.

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But one man didn’t see them. One man didn’t want to see them — at least in a romantic setting. That man wanted to ignore Asian women completely.

Hunter Biden, the grotesque embodiment of spiritual and government corruption, would prefer to schmooze women who are around the age of 24, according to the Daily Mail’s report.

He definitely doesn’t want them to be “yellow.”

Hunter Biden was raised by a man who once opposed busing and referred to the idea of an integrated school in 1977 as a “racial jungle,” and who said he didn’t want his own children attending one of them.

One of those children is now an adult who has spent decades treating Washington as his own personal playground. He’s also reportedly acquired certain tastes and views on race that he’s not shy about sharing.

Do you think Joe Biden had anything to do with that?

The president has, of course, described his son as “the smartest guy I know.”

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