'Like a Stunt from a Movie': Dashcam Shows Moment Loose Tire Launches Car Into a Sky-High Flip


This is unbelievable.

A car crash that looked like something you’d see on a movie set occurred on the 118 Freeway in southern California on Thursday — with another motorist catching the incident on dashcam.

A tire shot loose from a pickup truck in the accident — sending a Kia vehicle flying high in the air, completing a full flip before landing upside down.

The crash occurred near the Chatsworth area of Los Angeles, according to KABC-TV.

“It’s crazy, like a stunt that was set up for a movie,” one journalist with KTTV said of the disturbing accident.

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The vehicle eventually flipped to its right side.

In a miraculous twist that seemingly defies belief, no one was seriously injured in the dramatic crash.

The tire that caused the accident skid across the highway in cinematic fashion in the footage — only coming to a halt after it collided with the stationary wreck of the flipped vehicle a second time.

A man who said he recorded the larger-than-life dashcam footage said he had to swerve to avoid the loose tire.

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Anoop Khatra indicated that the driver of the vehicle sent flying through the air was able to walk away from the scene of the accident unharmed.

Sheared-off lug nuts on the truck’s wheels appear to have led to the loose tire, according to KABC.

The truck which lost a wheel appeared to peel off to the freeway shoulder in the footage.

A representative of the California Highway Patrol did indicate that the driver of the black Kia vehicle suffered minor injuries, according to KABC.

No arrests were made in connection to the crash, and authorities indicated it was under investigation as of last week.

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