Watch: Little Boy's Response to Seeing Melania Is the Best Video of First Lady We've Ever Seen


First lady Melania Trump has not been treated the same by the media as her predecessor Michelle Obama was, or still is. But with children it’s a different story, even if it’s one the media will never tell.

We begin with this sweet moment captured on video of a group of children greeting the first lady during a White House Christmas event. Their reactions are priceless.

Starting with one little boy getting attention and a big hug, soon they all surround her, all eager to get hugged. One even commented that “she seriously looks like an angel.”

It is apparent from the video that she is quick to respond to the children with affection and care. And they are loving every moment of it.

Now, contrast that with a White House Christmas event article published by New York magazine’s blog The Cut. The image used and accompanying first paragraph sum up the sentiment held toward the current first lady in most of the media.

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As some others have done, The Cut opted to feature an image of her strolling through a line-up of red Christmas trees. But the introductory paragraph really “sells” the message.

The Cut staffer Madeleine Aggeler wrote:

“A woman walks slowly though a forest of blood-red trees, her gaze blank, hard. She walks more, through vast halls adorned with glitter and lights and shrubs. No one is around. Is she some sort of queen who, having vanquished her enemies, is now surveying her spoils of war? No, she is Melania Trump ushering in the holidays.”

For the record, the first lady has explained the choice of red for those Christmas trees. For her it was not a big deal, just something she thought was pretty, fully acknowledging that not everyone will agree.

But did The Cut go that route? Perhaps say magazine didn’t care for the red, or it wasn’t what Aggeler thought was fitting for the White House?

Does Melania Trump deserve the characterization given to her by the establishment media?
Tragic: A 10-Year-Old Kills Himself After Vicious Bullying Over His Looks - School was Called 20 Times About It

Nope. The blog went for a personal attack, characterizing the woman who has had more than one beautiful moment with the nation’s children as some kind of evil queen.

The country has a lovely first lady, who, by all accounts, has been gracious and kind. She has kept largely out of the fray, venturing out mainly to show more kindness and encouragement to others.

But the establishment media would have us believe, to keep the “President Donald Trump = Dictator/Fascist” narrative running, that she is his evil queen. For the anti-Trump legions, her true heart, of course, is on full display in a parade of evil red Christmas trees.

To children, notoriously known as being good judges of character, she is approachable, huggable, and looks like an angel. To the establishment media, she is evil and a co-dictator, conquering her enemies.

Is it any wonder that the American public has lost confidence in the establishment media?

Their gaslighting, trying to convince us what we see with our own eyes is not so, has completely crossed the line of ridiculous.

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