Little Girl Desperate To Save Mom's Life After Cancer Diagnosis Opens Lemonade Stand


Summer isn’t really summer until you see lemonade stands. A staple at fairs, festivals, and on the lawns of industrious kiddos, the appearance of a lemonade stand can mean only one thing: that grumpy people will harass them about permits and the booth will get shut down.

Not all the time, but that has been a common trend. There are few ways as straightforward and harmless to teach kids about money and business as setting up a lemonade stand for a day or two, but some locales have been cracking down on them.

Sure, the operations might not be restaurant-level sanitary. The lemonade is rarely anything more than powder mixed (with varying degrees of success) with water and thrown in a waxy paper cup.

But the looks on the kids’ faces when they take your money and bring you a cup of lemonade, even with it sloshing out and spilling all over their hands, is worth the pocket change.

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Sometimes those determined kids even have a goal beyond lining their own pockets. Some — like this girl — set up stands for charitable causes.

Sophia Chavez is only 6 years old, and her mother just found out she has cancer. It started with stomach pain, led to a surgery and tests, and ended with the dreaded diagnosis that no one wants to hear.

According to the family’s GoFundMe page, she’s going to need at least 6 months of chemotherapy, and the costs are staggering.

Sophia doesn’t understand that fully. She doesn’t know what cancer is, exactly, and she doesn’t know how much the treatments will sap her mother’s strength.

But she does know one thing: she wants to help. And that’s enough. This industrious young lady isn’t going to take the fight sitting down. She’s gotten up, pulled herself together, and done something about the situation.

What’s a 6-year-old to do? Sophia has noticed her mom can’t work anymore, so she knows money will be a problem. So, she wanted to start up a lemonade stand.

With a little help from some family members, Sophia made some real, from-scratch lemonade, set up a folding table, got a cute sign, and went to town.

She sold a variety of drinks and lollipops from their yard in El Paso, hoping with every cup sold that she was helping her mom.

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“Feeling happy makes my mom feel better,” said Sophia, according to KTSM. “I’m making lemonade because I want to help my mom.”

Their GoFundMe page has also received attention, and the family has been gifted around $3,000 so far to help cover their costs at this trying time.

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