The L's Keep Coming: A Look Back at Biden's Humiliating Losing Streak at the Supreme Court


President Joe Biden’s plan to radically “transform” America is really not going all that well. The so-called moderate Democrat, using fear and coercion, has tried to make Americans surrender to his punitive and unilateral mandates.

Though Biden may perceive himself to be FDR 2.0, his plummeting approval ratings show that most of the country sees him for what he is: a frustrated old man who’s pushing a one-sided brand of politics. The further to the left Biden goes, the more he’s forced to rely on tyrannical orders to implement his unpopular policies.

Fortunately, some of Biden’s mandates have been stopped cold by the same governmental roadblock: the Supreme Court.

In the last six months, the court has struck down three of Biden’s most divisive and damaging policies and upheld a state law he vehemently opposed.

These public defeats embarrassed Biden and showed his base that the embattled president is unable to keep the lofty promises he made on the campaign trail.

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He suffered his first black eye at the Supreme Court in late August when the justices voted 6-3 to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy requiring migrants to stay south of the border while their asylum claims are being processed.

Biden quickly rolled back that and other Trump border security policies upon his arrival in the White House, unleashing a historic tsunami of illegal immigration.

The court’s resounding rejection of his corrosive action was the first bit of good news about the border since Trump left office.

Mere days later, Biden’s frantic attempt to extend his order prohibiting landlords from evicting tenants who don’t pay their rent was also wrecked by Supreme Court.

Members of his administration — including Gene Sperling, who oversaw its rollout of COVID relief — had admitted weeks prior that the legal case to extend the eviction moratorium was flimsy at best, according to NPR. Yet Biden decided to do it anyway — pandering to the radical progressives in his party by pursuing this political dead end.

The court’s stern rebuke of Biden’s blatantly unconstitutional behavior was roundly celebrated by conservatives.

The administration again flew into a rage when the Supreme Court refused to block a Texas law banning doctors from performing abortions if the heartbeat of the unborn child can be detected. Unlike similar laws where the state played the role of enforcer, Texas provided that private citizens could sue violators and collect $10,000 if they won.

Biden called the law “un-American” and declared that it would turn Texans into abortion vigilantes.

The court, however, rejected a request from pro-abortion groups for an injunction against the law.

The biggest loss of Biden’s Supreme Court slump came this week when justices struck down his vaccine mandate for private businesses.

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The president threw the economy into a state of chaos when he announced in early September that all businesses with more than 100 employees must either vaccinate their or weekly test their staff. Thousands of Americans were fired or quit their jobs, leading to nationwide staffing shortages.

As the pushback intensified, Biden continued to delay enforcement, almost as if he were admitting that he knew the law would not stand.

Less than 96 hours after the enforcement mechanism went live, the Supreme Court delivered a death blow to the mandate. Millions of Americans are now breathing an enormous sigh of relief.

Biden seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding about how our constitutional republic works. The Founders were smart enough to know that a concentration of power in any single branch of government would lead to terrible abuses. The checks and balances they installed have fortified our system against the ever-shifting winds of partisan politics.

These mechanisms make rapid and radical societal change virtually impossible.

This reality drives Biden crazy because all he wants to do is to enact big changes quickly. His burning desire to refashion the country in a leftist mold motivates him to try to circumvent the Constitution.

He’s not the first president to do this, but few others have had their shameless power grabs so conclusively curtailed by the Supreme Court.

Do you agree with the Supreme Court's rulings in these cases?

Biden is paying a big price for his win-at-all-costs approach. After a year in office, his achievements are few and his problems are innumerable. He knows many of those who voted for him are likely to abandon his party in this year’s midterm elections.

As November gets closer, the president seems to be getting more and more desperate.

However, if the last six months have taught us anything, it’s that the court — with some exceptions — will not allow Biden to steamroll America’s institutions.

The president is enduring this terrible losing streak because he refuses to govern from the center. He wants to snap his fingers and transform America.

Fortunately, however, as long as Biden continues to act like a tyrant, he will face the likelihood of being humiliated by the Supreme Court.

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