The Media Won't Stop Crying Wolf, And People Are Catching On


September has been a busy, busy month for the media — unfortunately, they’ve been busy covering up their gaffes. Since the fake news stories have come and gone so quickly as to leave very little impression on the rest of us, let me run them down for everyone.

First, we had the Russian spy story. The administration exfiltrated a Russian spy from Moscow, and the media story is that the intelligence community was afraid Trump might, or might have already, compromised the spy by his comments.

Unfortunately, the story disappeared from the news just as soon as it came out that the decision to extract the spy was made by the Obama administration.


Then there was the Turnberry scandal. Seems that Air Force planes were refueling at a little-used Scottish airport, then staying at Trump’s nearby resort when required to overnight.

Hollywood Star's Wife Played Key Role in International Criminal Court's Arrest Warrant for Israeli Leaders

Scandal. Emoluments Clause. Impeach.

It was reported that the fuel cost more at this airport than others. That was false. The cost of an overnight stay at Turnberry Resort was significantly less than at other local spots, not that saving taxpayer money matters to the liberals and their supportive media.

The story disappeared from the news when it came out that the Air Force had been using this stop since … 2016.


Next we had the revelations about Justice Kavanaugh in The New York Times. Those are recent enough to still be getting a little bit of ink. Kavanaugh was again accused of a sexual assault while at Yale. Impeach. Remove from the bench.

Unfortunately for the authors of the story, excerpted from their book released last week, the alleged “victim” has no recall of the incident whatsoever and refuses to be interviewed over it.

Worse still, the person reporting the story is a lawyer who worked for Bill Clinton during the impeachment process. Guess who his opposite number on Ken Starr’s team was. If you guessed Brett Kavanaugh, go to the head of the class.

Of course, the real news in this book was ignored. Christine Blasey Ford’s best friend, Leland Keyser, stated to the authors that she did not believe Ford’s accusations.

But wait! There’s more!

Op-Ed: Is a Biden Impeachment Part of the Democratic Plan for 2024?

Keyser also stated that Ford’s friends threatened her with a variety of slanders if she did not back Ford’s story up. But somehow, that’s not news to  The Times.

Multiple oopsies there.

Now we come to the most recent flap. Trump is accused of — well, we’re not quite sure yet, but it involves a whistleblower and something about a phone call to the Ukrainian president. Apparently Trump did “something” — we’re not quite sure what yet — that he shouldn’t oughta have done.

Rumors were that Trump threatened to withhold funds from Ukraine, but that’s been debunked in the last 24 hours — or was it 24 minutes? Hard to tell with these fast-moving stories.

Keep in mind, dealing with foreign leaders is a plenary power of the presidency and Trump, or any American president, has broad powers in this area. The likelihood of any of this being illegal is quite remote. Also, under the regulations, this is not a proper whistleblower incident.

But didn’t Biden do exactly this, threaten to withhold funds from Ukraine, and then brag on TV that he got Ukraine’s chief prosecutor fired? And oh my — it’s just a coincidence that his son Hunter was being investigated at the same time by the man.

Impeach. Impeach Fawty-Fahv.

According to CNN, “The whistleblower didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications, an official briefed on the matter told CNN. Instead, the whistleblower’s concerns came in part from learning information that was not obtained during the course of their work …”

Translation — what the person reported was hearsay. So what else is new from today’s media?

I’d provide more details on this story, but by the time you read this, more details will have come out and the issue will have been resolved in Trump’s favor and we will be on to the next scandal.

So what is this insanity from the media all about? Could it be that the IG report is coming out shortly and the left needs to have as much chaff in the air as possible so that people focus on something else, anything else, but the unassailable truth about how the left misbehaved during the 2016 election?

Nah. Couldn’t be that. We’re already pretty aware of that, even if the left denies it continually. There’s something coming along out there, however, and the left is both aware and afraid of it.

The bottom line of all of this is that the mainstream media is complicit with the left in lying to America.

Instead of properly sourcing stories, getting all the facts, revealing potential conflicts (such as that one of the authors of The Times story was in Kavanaugh’s class at Yale), they race ahead with stories that damn the president in the harshest terms.

Then, when those stories are debunked as they have been every single time, they rush on to the next illegitimate story.

People are wising up to this crying wolf behavior and refusing to pay attention. That’s why these stories are coming out one after the other.
No individual story is enough to sustain the left’s required outrage when they aren’t backed up by facts, so it’s necessary to publish (fake) story after (fake) story.

Sic transit gloria diurna.

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