Trump Will Not Be Impeached


The Democrats will not vote for the articles of impeachment. Take this to the bank, it’s just not going to happen. The Democrats are not that foolish. The Republican Senate will kill any articles that arrive.

However, as noted in Thursday’s news, it won’t be a sudden death on arrival but after an actual trial. And that will be at the request of the White House.

That’s right. The White House wants a trial on the merits of the case if the House votes for articles of impeachment.

Think about it. If the Senate has an impeachment trial, Republicans can subpoena every single witness denied them by Adam Schiff — Hunter Biden, the whistleblower, Adam Schiff himself.

The Democrats may be annoying, but they aren’t completely stupid. They aren’t going to give the Republicans the opportunity to… ah, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

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So why, you ask, would the Democrats pursue this current line of attack, impeachment, against President Trump?

Because they hope it will damage President Trump’s election prospects. They are hoping the damage that they can inflict with this asinine “impeachment inquiry” will tarnish Trump’s re-election chances by turning independents against him.

Thus far, polling indicates that isn’t happening, but that’s not my point here. There’s a second reason that Pelosi won’t file articles of impeachment: the Democrat primaries.

If there is a Senate trial, Democratic senators will be required to attend. No one knows this better than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and he is most certainly prepared to make the most of the opportunity.

On top of issuing subpoenas to all the people Republicans haven’t been permitted to call, McConnell can see to it that the process drags on — and on — and on…

Why does this matter?

Answer me this — what do you think that Sens. Warren, Booker and Sanders will do if they are forced to leave the campaign trail to attend an impeachment trial? What do you think their supporters will do?

If you thought the fuss over Hillary’s backstabbing of Sanders in 2016 was nasty, think of what the supporters of these two will do if their candidates are sidelined and unable to campaign. And who would the big winner here be?

Why, none other than the establishment candidate Joe Biden.

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Such a move, two primaries in a row, could fracture the Democratic Party forever. Even Pelosi isn’t that stupid — she well knows the danger. That’s why last week she quietly floated the idea that the Democrats would not necessarily vote for articles against Trump.

So what’s going on?

My take on this is that the Democrats are going to do everything they can to make Trump look bad through these hearings, and then choose not to vote articles of impeachment. They will state, with all appropriate gravitas, that they will leave it up to the American people, “now that the facts are out,” to make a decision in November.

This way they get to wreak maximum havoc on Trump, they get to protect their nomination process, and they get to hand the decision to the American people, making themselves look like heroes.

There is no possibility of losing anything with this approach, since they know they cannot get a guilty verdict in the Senate, and will, in fact, be made to look very bad if it goes that far.

There is one very bizarre possibility should the Democrats put this to a vote (with the intention of losing that vote). But before I get to that, there is one advantage to Democrats in actually holding this vote.

Vulnerable Democrats, those running in districts that Trump won, will be able to vote against impeachment. This will keep their constituents happy with them, their excuse being “let’s leave this decision about Trump to the people.”

If enough Democrats vote this way (and they will, it’ll all be thought out beforehand), the Democrats lose the vote, as planned. The progressives are happy — they got their impeachment and will now be strongly motivated to vote Trump out in the general. The vulnerable Democrats will have protected their campaigns. Pelosi has avoided the dangers inherent in a Senate trial.

Everyone is happy.

But here’s where it could get bizarre.

House Republicans vote for impeachment to force the issue into the Senate just in case the Democrats choose not to vote in favor of it. Why? To get all the information out, the information that Schiff has denied House Republicans the opportunity to present.

That would be their excuse — not that they want Trump to be impeached, but that the American people deserve the truth that the Democrats are hiding from them — that holding a trial in the Senate is the only way to get this information out.

Would that not stand a few people on their heads?

I want the popcorn franchise for this show.

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