Man Climbs 5 Stories with Bare Hands To Save 2-Year-Old Stuck Between Window Bars


Just last week, news quickly went viral of a man in France who scaled an apartment building using near-superhuman strength to rescue a young boy dangling from his balcony.

The hero, Mamoudou Gassama, was out at a bar when he heard a crowd gathering outside. When he went out to see what was going on, he immediately sprang into action to save the boy from falling.


Another “Spiderman” hero came out of the shadows to save a life on June 6 when he spotted a boy dangling from an anti-theft window grill on the fifth floor of an apartment building in China.

The 2-year-old child had been left at home alone by his grandmother and eventually ended up near the window.

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Onlookers quickly took note of the boy panicking above them, trapped at the torso and holding on for his life.

Soon, a man named Zhang Xin and his brother were walking nearby when they heard screaming. Upon arriving at the scene, Zhang immediately knew what needed to be done.

“We heard someone screaming from above and realised it was a child, so we ran to the first floor of the building,” he said.

“We tried every door from the sixth to the fourth floor, but no one was home. Then someone appeared and they let us into their place on the fifth floor – we went in and realised there was a little boy [dangling from] the flat next door,” Zhang said.

The former solider leaped into action and began climbing up the other window grills to reach the boy.

As the heart-stopping rescue was caught on camera by another witness, Zhang reached the frightened child. He quickly pushed him up to free him, returning him to safety before making his way back down to the street.

“I rushed and climbed along the other grills. I saw the boy crying as he struggled to free himself,” Zhang said in the video.

“I had served in the army and trained in Henan province for two years. My instinct told me I had to save the boy.”

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Shortly after the heroic rescue, police arrived on the scene. Officers were shocked to discover the boy alone in the apartment attempting to cut a watermelon on his own.

His grandmother has since been issued a warning for leaving the toddler unattended.

Thanks to Zhang’s quick thinking and bravery, the young boy was saved before any further harm could come to him. Members of the public believe the hero should be rewarded for his incredible effort to save the young boy.

“The immigrant in Paris was rewarded a citizenship, this man should get a monument set up at least,” one commenter said.

“This is so familiar! The ex-soldier is a true hero,” another wrote.

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