Man Hated His Tesla Model S So Much, He Traded It for a Chrysler - 'I Couldn't Be Happier'


Tesla makes some of the most recognizable cars on the road.

Its line of electric vehicles is championed by a large number of alternative energy advocates, but Tesla continues to battle one persistent problem. It’s still Tesla.

Instead of ride with the continued issues with his Tesla, one Reddit user, identified as Jack B. by Jalopnik, did what my and many others’ parents did growing up: He threw up his hands and bought a Chrysler.

According to his Reddit post, he “couldn’t be happier” post car swap.

The man put up with Tesla nonsense for two years before deciding to throw in the towel and upgrade.

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The reasons Jack, who didn’t want to share his full name with Jalopnik because he was worried he’d be harassed by rabid Tesla fans, gave for the switch included “no engine sound, no knobs/buttons, generally uncomfortable interior,” and a general issue with quality.

“For the money, I was beyond disappointed with the quality and poor customer service,” he wrote on Reddit.

“The carpet is like something you’d find in a Corolla, the panel gaps are as bad as everyone says, the screen was yellowing after 2 years, and the replacement parts are hard to get and extremely expensive ($1k and 3 months for a cracked mirror)!”

Reading Jack’s commentary, you may be thinking what I was: You’re looking for an upgrade in quality by switching to Chrysler? It’s been a minute since they had a reputation in that department.

Would you prefer a gas-powered vehicle over an electric vehicle?

“I know FCA [Fiat Chrysler Automobiles] quality leaves a lot to be desired, but hey, Tesla prepared me just fine for that,” Jack said, according to Jalopnik.

That’s a burn for you. Apparently, the trade was still worth it.

“It remedies all of the issues I had with the Tesla,” he wrote in his post.

In his interview with Jalopnik, Jack said he might not be permanently done with EVs.

“Well first and foremost, I’ll say that I definitely wouldn’t rule out EVs,” he said.

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“There’s definitely something to be said for never filling up gas and all the added tech that comes with an EV and specifically a Tesla. For [the] reasons in my post though, I’m just not a fan of Tesla and the quality of their product or service.

“Problem is, I still think if you want an EV, Tesla remains the best in the business because of their charging network. Nobody else comes close.”

He mentioned on Reddit that his Tesla had its perks, including free charging and an app.

However, he’s loving the change — hearing his V8 engine when he hits the gas and “being able to adjust my AC/heat without nearly crashing my car trying to change the climate controls.”

It seems as though Jack feels like an EV takeover is inevitable, so he encouraged everyone who can to take the leap to an old-school V8 while we still have the chance.

“As the dawn of EVs is upon us, I encourage anyone who wants one to splurge for an old school V8 while you can,” he wrote. “I don’t regret it.”

Electric vehicles are a much newer branch of technology than their internal combustion counterparts. Products like these take time to iron out their issues.

It may be that some day down the line nine out of every ten cars is powered by electricity.

In the meantime, it would appear as though Tesla owners get to bear some of the brunt of the growing pains.

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