Man Takes Elderly Woman Waiting at Post Office for a Spin in His Convertible


The thrill a person gets out of a nice car and the wind in their hair is not based on their age. From the very young to the very old, most people know a good car when they see it, and even more so when they get to experience it.

There’s something about being behind the wheel of something flashy and zippy: It’s like wearing nice clothes and knowing you look good. You feel confident. Powerful. Free.

The daily realities of family life often make it difficult to afford sports cars, which is why — most of the time — such cars are relegated to the young and unattached, the older and retired, or the rich.

But one dad of three from Surbridge, Massachusetts, had the best of both worlds: a Hyundai Santa Fe for the everyday mundane, and a 2006 BMW Z4 for funsies.

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One day he popped over to the post office in Charlton because they offered passport photo services. He got there during the workers’ lunch break, and sat outside in his flashy car, waiting for the employees to clock back in.

That’s when the encounter that changed the trajectory of one granny’s day took place. The nameless poster, known only by his Reddit handle mikebookpro, posted a photo to Instagram, and later to Reddit, to document the magical moment.

“Sitting in my car in front of the post office waiting 10 minutes because they’re closed for lunch,” the caption reads.

“This woman tried to go in, and I let her know they were closed for another 10 minutes. She started chatting, and I jokingly said ‘hop in, let’s go for a spin to kill the 10 minute wait.'”

“She did. Friends, meet Beverly.”

The photo shows an adorable older woman waving to the camera and grinning from ear to ear. The blue sky behind them and the driver’s short-sleeved shirt suggest that it was the perfect day for a cruise.

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Of course, the post has gone viral, and responses to mikebookpro’s share on Reddit have run the gamut from fond recollections to tongue-in-cheek warnings.

“Kidnapping and adopting a grandma is a good idea,” wrote one person.

“You clearly don’t know many grandmas, he’s the one kidnapped here,” another wrote in response. “He’ll be lucky if he escapes after one helping of dinner. She’ll probably guilt-gavage him into eating the whole pot… Damn, I miss my granny.”

“Yes but think of the tens of dollars he’ll make in birthday cards over the next 2 or 3 years!” a third chimed in.

It’s nice to see posts like these get attention. This is the sort of behavior that should be shared and influence others, and it’s an example of how to use the internet well.

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