Marvel's 'Black Panther': Making Obvious Racism Cool!


Did you guys hear about that new movie, “White Panther”? It’s all about this white king who wants to build a wall around his kingdom. Oh, and he also makes all of the #MeToo women call him “My King” and has a quest for racial purity in his kingdom.

Oh wait. Flip that script.

That movie is called “Black Panther” and if you insert the word “black” for “white,” it pretty much sums up the comic book on which the movie is based.

Of course, liberals are falling all over themselves to praise the movie.

It’s as if somehow black power and black overlords (as long as they dominate whitey) make racial superiority palatable.

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It’s almost like what South Africa and Zimbabwe have become!

Of course, you’re not allowed to think such thoughts.

It now seems to be the goal of virtue-signaling social justice warriors and liberals in general to, if not completely eliminate white people, then to make them feel overwhelmingly guilty over things with which they had no control or participation — e.g, slavery.

Never mind the fact that a tremendous number of White Devils — around 365,000 to be exact — bled and died to STOP the evil of slavery. You know — that pesky thing known as the Civil War. Which, I’m pretty sure, ended in 1865.

Are you planning to go see "Black Panther" in theaters?

Liberals’ hope seems to be that white people will do everything they can to bend over backward to subjugate themselves to their will — simply because of the color of their skin. Dr. King would be so proud!

When you couple that with the some of the truly obvious, virtue-signaling “I’m better than you” Super Bowl commercials – insipid Mass Mutual and Coca-Cola spots spring to mind — our society seems to have reached a tipping point.

Last year, a news director of a local television station lamented that every one of my on-air segments was about politics. I told her: Um, hello! Liberals have made everything political.

Food is political. Movies are political. Clothing is political. Sports are political. Advertising is political. Even IKEA is political!

You can’t eat a non-GMO steak without politics being shoved in your face. You can’t see a movie or television show without liberalism rammed down your throat (I would give an example here, but it’s all of them). You can’t use an unsustainable, non-biodegradable plastic straw without it being a political statement.

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And yes: They all parrot the far left.

I have said before that we are now living in Orwellian times.

Liberalism has become ubiquitous — even deigning to have a contrary opinion will get you branded a Wrong Thinker.

Recently, radical leftist, African-American artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald were chosen by the former scandal-plagued President Barack Obama and his vacation-happy wife Michelle to paint their “official” Smithsonian portraits. Aside from the unconventional nature of the paintings (art is subjective after all), Wiley has done several other #Woke works — which involve black people holding up decapitated heads of whites.

The paintings are also leftist politically evocative, as the artists intended.

And how dare anyone question the artists or their subjects over past works or statements!

Our culture has now slipped so far backward that egalitarianism is no longer the goal. Rather, the goal is the domination of liberalism over any other political philosophy. Or else.

And because white Christians tend to be more conservative, the goal is to shame them into submission — or wipe out their thoughts completely.

Remember: If you see “Black Panther” (I shall not), pay attention to the onslaught of liberal propaganda in it.

The #Woke among us think it’s just fine for one group of people to have dominance over another group of people — as long as the people being enslaved happened to be evil, white Christians.

Personally, I look forward to the day when we can take several steps back and treat people as equals instead of perpetual victims intersecting in various grievance industry “-isms”.

You know — those antiquated notions of “E Pluribus Unum” and “One Nation Under God.”

Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. A version of this article also appeared on her blog,

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Angela Box is a former teacher, devoted to the Constitution and conservatism and proud to live in Texas. She currently works with a political consultant on candidate races throughout America.