Media Fawns over Michelle Obama's Sparkly Boots While Shredding Melania


It can be utterly sickening. While former first lady Michelle Obama graced a number of magazine covers during her husband’s presidency, current first lady Melania Trump, a former model, has been more or less shunned by the fashion world.

And it gets worse. While the establishment media fawns over seemingly everything Michelle does, Melania gets attacked over seemingly everything.

The latest round of Michelle worship and Melania bashing comes in the form of fashion critiques. And the bias is blatant.

Let’s use, as an example, boots worn by each of the women. Sparkly boots worn by Michelle while promoting her book, versus Timberland boots worn by Melania while greeting the troops.

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Arguably, both could be considered appropriate for their venues. But not according to establishment media.

Fox News reported how outlets such as The Washington Post and CNN gushed over Michelle’s ensemble and praised her choice of boots. They essentially equated her to a fashion icon.

While they fawned over her footwear, social media took notice. Some there found Michelle’s boots to be hideous.

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But it didn’t stop there. Establishment media tore into Melania for her choice of boots.

Did you prefer Melania Trump's choice of boots over Michelle Obama's?

In one telling example reported by Fox News, Yahoo published an article about her boots almost entirely made up of social media criticisms.

Outside of the United States, however, her choice was praised by France’s Elle. The translated article refers to her as “an all-terrain fashion icon.”

That regard for Melania’s fashion sense means more than, as Fox News put it, “mean girl” type cattiness from the American media.

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