Meghan Markle on Receiving End of Royal Curtsy for 1st Time Ever


There’s a lot to learn when it comes to the ins and outs of the royal family. Markle, who is an outsider, is taking lessons from her soon-to-be husband on the intricacies of royal customs.

According to TMZ, Prince Harry has taken charge of teaching his future wife the politics of greeting other members of the royal family.

She will have to curtsy for a long list of superior royals and will have to learn the proper way to address dignitaries.

In fact, Markle recently completed her first public curtsy since her wedding was announced. She curtsied for the queen the first time a few weeks ago.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently made their second visit as a couple to the Welsh capital of Cardiff. During their stay, they visited the Cardiff Castle.

Fans cheered as they passed, and one woman even treated Markle to her very first royal curtsy. The future royal is still working her way around etiquette herself.

Now that Markle is a member of the royal family, she’ll have to behave much differently in public.

This may mean she’ll have to ditch the selfies and some of the other quirks that are American through and through.

She’ll also have to take care to abide by the royal customs of fashion, which others often disregarded in the past when they were new to the royal family.

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As TMZ states, Harry has been giving Markle these lessons months before their wedding announcement.

It would seem that he had an eye for the long-term all along.

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Where fashion is concerned, it remains to be seen whether Markle will abide by the traditional dress code or blaze her own path.

She’s already broken a couple traditions with her engagement to Prince Harry, the most obvious of which is that she’s an American.

Furthermore, Markle broke tradition when she was the first future royal to spend Christmas with the family. Even Kate Middleton didn’t receive this accommodation.

By all accounts, the queen loves Harry and Markle. If this is the case, she will probably overlook some of the less traditional choices the two make.

Markle and Harry are set to be married this coming May. We eagerly await more updates in regards to the arrangements of the newest royal couple.

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