Megyn Kelly Absolutely Roasts Kimmel After Host Gets 'Embarrassed' by Tucker's Basement Video


Megyn Kelly shredded comedian-turned-Democratic Party activist Jimmy Kimmel after the far-left TV host attempted to smear Tucker Carlson for posting a video online after his ouster from Fox News.

Fox News abruptly ended its relationship with the top-rated host last Monday with no explanation.

Carlson was quiet for two days before he eventually posted a video online Wednesday. He did not address the separation directly, but he did challenge the media as Americans know it. In just a few days, the tweet reached nearly 80 million people.

The left-wing media cheered Carlson’s termination by Fox News, and no one was happier than Kimmel, who is lucky to hit that many views in a month on ABC.

Last week, the host aired a few clips from Carlson’s Twitter video. In one of them, Carlson said he had learned after a few days off that TV debates are more or less “meaningless.”

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Carlson also said issues that are of actual substance are not discussed by the media.

Kimmel predictably cherry-picked a number of out-of-context segments from Carlson’s show that had aired throughout the years in an attempt to make him a punchline. His Thursday monologue was partially titled “Tucker Carlson Crawls Out of His Hole.”

Kimmel of course weaponized his show against conservative Americans years ago.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is not a comedy show. It is an in-kind contribution to the Democratic Party and its donors.

Do you agree with Fox’s decision to pull Tucker Carlson’s show?

Kimmel has paid dearly for that as people have tuned out in droves, which Kelly pointed out on her radio show Friday.

“You know how much it costs to produce Jimmy Kimmel’s show?” she asked. “I guarantee you it’s tens and tens of millions … to produce that show. You know how much Tucker’s video cost? Nothing, absolutely nothing.”

She then pointed to raw numbers to demonstrate how little Kimmel actually matters in the scope of things.

“You know how many people [Kimmel] gets tuning in on an average night?” Kelly said. “Just last week his average was in the overall — meaning all viewers — 1.5 million and in the key demo 236,000. Tucker would have been embarrassed to pull that on any night he was on the Fox News Channel.”

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She concluded Carlson drew in an average audience on cable three times bigger than Kimmel’s show, which is available for free to anyone who owns both a TV and an antenna.

“So [Kimmel] needs to have a little self-perspective before going out there and hurling these insults because he looks a little silly,” Kelly said.

As she discussed the topic further with radio host Buck Sexton, she concluded Kimmel is simply jaded by Carlson’s success.

“It just shows Kimmel’s bitterness, his jealousy,” Kelly, a former Fox News host, added. “Like you can make fun of Tucker however you want but like, why go personal? Why do that? Because he’s jealous. It’s coming out of his nostrils. He can’t stand [Carlson’s] success.”

Kelly concluded Kimmel’s victory lap was “short-sighted,” and had a message for the host.

“You just wait,” she said as she warned “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is essentially on life support.

After she pointed out the overall weaponization of the late-night format against conservatives, she concluded that at some point “these businesses need to make money, and it’s not happening with Jimmy Kimmel.”

Kimmel is about as relevant as Don Lemon.

Late-night shows such as his have collectively seen their revenue plunge by more than 40 percent since 2018.

Meanwhile, Carlson’s voice is such a commodity that a two-minute video he posted online from his home studio was viewed by tens of millions of people.

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