Melania Asks Museum to Borrow Painting, They Make Degrading Counter-Offer Instead


In response to a request from first lady Melania Trump that she and her husband, President Donald Trump, be permitted to borrow a Vincent Van Gogh painting from the Guggenheim Museum to display in their private quarters, the museum has offered them a toilet …

“(A)n 18-karat, fully functioning, solid gold toilet” named “America,” according to The Washington Post, which added that the specific Van Gogh painting requested by Melania is allegedly not allowed to be removed from the museum.

The artist who crafted the golden toilet would therefore “like to offer it to the White House for a long-term loan,” reportedly wrote Guggenheim’s chief curator, Nancy Spector, in an email reply to Melania’s request.

“We are sorry not to be able to accommodate your original request, but remain hopeful that this special offer may be of interest,” Spector added.

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While this counter-offer might seem reasonable at first glance — perhaps the specific Van Gogh painting that Melania requested really is “prohibited from travel except for the rarest of occasions,” as Spector reportedly wrote — a closer analysis appears to suggest it was rooted entirely in spite.

First, the Post noted that critics have described the golden toilet “as pointed satire aimed at the excess of wealth in this country.”

Yes, God forbid the American people be allowed to benefit from the wealth they have accrued via hard work and persistence.

Second, “(i)t is common for presidents and first ladies to borrow major works of art to decorate the Oval Office, the first family’s residence and various rooms at the White House,” according to the Post.

Should the Trumps accept this disgraceful offer?

“The Smithsonian loaned the Kennedys a Eugène Delacroix painting, ‘The Smoker.’ The Obamas preferred abstract art, choosing works by Mark Rothko and Jasper Johns.”

But the Trumps can’t borrow the painting they want?

And lastly, the Post specifically noted that Spector “has been critical of Trump,” though that’s putting it lightly.

“In Trump’s America, the sustained assault on basic human and civil rights — the travel ban being only one example — calls for a decisive and unflinching response from the art community,” she blathered in a blog post last year.

Yes, God forbid the American people be allowed to prevent radical Islamic terrorists from entering our country and killing our fellow citizens.

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Surprise, surprise, the Guggenheim’s chief curator is a leftist who’s clearly decided to allow her anti-Trump fanaticism influence how she performs her job. She’s like the artsy version of “fake news” CNN correspondent Brian Stelter, whose anti-Trump bias has been documented on numerous occasions.

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