Michael Moore Attacks Trump Family in Disturbing Political Stunt


The “Trump Derangement Syndrome” never ends. Not even for Christmas, the time of year when many focus on kindness and getting along with one another.

Case in point: In a guest appearance that was highly promoted on Twitter by Michael Moore, the controversial filmmaker told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Friday what he “was most looking forward to in 2019.” It was to see “as many members of the Trump family in orange jumpsuits as possible.”

As Moore laughed, Hayes chided him over how it “seems mean-spirited.” Moore then satirically agreed, while taking another swipe at President Donald Trump and his family.

“That is really the wrong way to end such a festive time of the year with such animosity toward those who would do wrong to this country,” he said. The exchange can be viewed in the first moments of the video below:

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Moore didn’t stop there with his attack. On Twitter, he retweeted a photo-shopped image of several members of the Trump family in orange jumpsuits.

He also promoted his appearance again. This time he retweeted a post from MSNBC in which his statement about the orange jumpsuits was included.

So what has the Trump family done that would merit them being imprisoned? Hayes said the concept wasn’t “crazy,” and said even Donald Trump Jr. has said he expected an indictment. Moore agreed and quickly added the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner to the list, as well as unnamed others he referred to as “and on and on.”

Hayes’ claim about a possible Trump Jr. indictment stems from an early November article published by Vanity Fair. The magazine cited three unnamed sources in its hit piece.

The article claimed that according to said sources, Don. Jr. had told friends he was concerned about being indicted. It added that one of the sources “speculated” that it was because “Mueller could indict him for making false statements to Congress and the F.B.I. about whether he had told his father about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians to gather ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton.”

The Daily Caller noted that Moore didn’t stop there with his Trump-bashing. He told Hayes that he didn’t expect the president to be indicted in 2019.

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He said this was because in New York, “Trump got away with everything for 40 years. That streak shouldn’t end this year, more than likely, because Trump has always been careful to be not in the room when the crime is being committed.”

Moore offered no proof of crimes. He just made accusations.

Do you think "Trump Derangement Syndrome" has driven Michael Moore over the edge?

Which again raises the question as to what prison-worthy crimes has the Trump family committed? The immediate Trump family includes the president; first lady Melania; Don Jr.; Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner; the president’s second son, Eric and his wife Lara; the president’s younger daughter, Tiffany; youngest son, Barron, and multiple grandchildren.

If there are no crimes, Moore is wishing for innocent people to be imprisoned. Why? Differing political views?

While he publicly pats himself on the back for his witty 2019 wish, the picture Moore paints of himself is not a flattering one. Publicly trashing the president and his family, wishing ill on them, and making accusations with no proof, are not the actions of a man of integrity.

His stunt may have gotten cheers within the leftist echo chamber. But to reasonable people, it may have looked petty, self-serving, and highly inappropriate, particularly given the time of year and context of the question asked.

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