Michelle Obama Charging More Than Big Concerts for Her Book Tour


A lot of books have been gaining widespread media attention in the past year or so. Most of those have dealt with President Donald Trump in some way.

But there is a new kid on the block that isn’t about Trump and is creating a lot of buzz. This book, “Becoming,” was written by former First Lady Michelle Obama and she’s going on tour with it — for a price.

Her approach to her book tour is more on par with the tour of a rock star. In fact, that very comparison is being made — and for more than one reason, too.

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Not only is she appearing at places rock stars perform, but her prices are on-par with theirs, too. Beyoncé — a pal to the Obamas — has come up in comparison:

The New York Post wrote, “Nosebleed seats start at $30, while front-row seats go for $3,000 and include a pre-show photo opportunity with the former first lady, a signed book, and other ‘VIP’ gifts.

Are Michelle Obama's book tour prices too high?

To put it in perspective, VIP tickets to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘On The Run II’ tour are $1,000.”

Many fans have expressed their sadness and disappointment over the prices. For some, it seems she is catering more to the upper classes than to them:

Despite the prices, people are still going. They may be happy to see her, but they are still not happy about the price they are paying to do so:

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But not everyone has a problem with the cost. To some, the fact that she is a bit like a rock star to them makes it all okay:

According to The Associated Press, there is another way in which her tour is rock star-like. She’s used entertainment company Live Nation to help roll out her tour.

A statement from Tara Taub, Live Nation Touring’s senior vice president, elaborated on the reasoning behind the move. “Mrs. Obama wanted to make her tour as accessible as possible. The Live Nation team also knew the demand for her tour would be extraordinary. For these reasons, we knew an arena tour would maximize the number of people who will be able to join this unforgettable conversation with Mrs. Obama.”

The price certainly does not make her tour “as accessible as possible.” For those in the lower classes, who look up to Mrs. Obama, this makes her look more like an elitist than the “every woman” they idolize her as being.

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